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Best Hair Removal Laser Treatment in Delhi | Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Painless Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi. Best laser hair Removal Clinic in South Delhi | Centre in Delhi, India. The Face Clinic offers the best quality full body laser hair removal at reasonable cost in Delhi for Men & Women under the supervision of  renowned Rejuvenation Expert, Dr Reema Arora.   

Best Laser Hair Treatment Clinic in Delhi – is an increasingly popular method of getting rid of unwanted hair and managing excessive or abnormal growth. Laser permanent hair removal treatment involves a process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle.

Laser Hair Treatment in South Delhi – The Treatment Process

Laser hair Removal in Clinic South Delhi  works by targeting the pigment melanin within the hair follicle (the ‘root’ of the hair). The dark pigment in the hair follicle selectively picks up the light energy and heats up the follicle to stun its growth. While the laser hair removal treatment naturally works best, the bigger the contrast between hair colour and skin colour (i.e dark hair on light skin), good results can be obtained across a wide range of skin tones.

Permanent Hair Removal by an Expert

Importantly Permanent laser hair Removal in Delhi –  is performed by trained practitioners under the supervision of an expert specialist, like Dr Reema Arorawith a deep understanding of the technology, the anatomy of different skin and hair types and have experience on how individual results will vary. At the Face Clinic, we are equipped with latest technology to carry out long-lasting face and body hair Reduction in the safe and sterile confines of our medical clinic.

Preparation for LHR

Waxing, plucking and electrolysis should be avoided for at least six weeks before the laser hair removal treatment. These hair Reduction techniques temporarily remove the root of the hair, which is an essential part of successful hair removal by laser. Sun exposure immediately before and after the treatment should also be avoided. Sun exposure can increase the risk of complications and reduce effectiveness of the results of laser treatments for permanent hair removal.

How Many Sessions For Laser Hair Removal

The frequency of sessions largely depends on skin type, hair type and density of hair. Our hair goes through a cycle of growth and resting phases, and effectively sensitive to laser treatment during the period of active growth. Therefore, multiple sessions are needed to complete the treatment on every single area. On average, four to eight sessions are needed, at intervals of four to six weeks, for the best results.

Laser Hair Reduction Cost In India

Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Cost – varies for different laser treatment centres, it depends on the experience and skill of the treating doctor, safety and hygiene standards of the aesthetic centre, technology and efficacy of the machines used, body areas to be treated, hair growth and skin type. Factors affecting the permanent hair reduction price should be carefully evaluated to take an informed decision. During the detailed consult with our expert, Dr Reema Arora a fair idea of the expected results and the cost of laser hair reduction can be understood. Full body laser hair reduction is an expert domain at the Face Clinic.

Risks & Possible Side Effects of Facial Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction in South Delhi – is a medical procedure using advanced laser technology. Redness and swelling may occur immediately after the procedure which usually subsides in a couple of days. Other general risks like hyperpigmentation, blistering are minimized when the treatment is performed under strict supervision of an expert, like Dr Reema Arora.


Quite safe if done by a thoroughly trained practitioner under a specialist expert’s supervision.

No our trained practitioners will do the shaving neatly at the clinic before the procedure.

Most of the patients feel the warm sensation as bearable to slightly uncomfortable, while others do not register any pain.

Permanent reduction is more appropriate phase. If the recommended sessions are done at suggested intervals the skin may become permanently hair free.

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