Carbonated Water & Skin - secret benefits decoded

1. Use of carbonated water for clear skin is the latest trend. Wash the face with carbonated water instead of tap water, it helps get the glow in the skin.
2. The PH of carbonated water matches the skin PH of 5.5. Whereas the PH of tap water is 7 which can cause dryness of the skin.
3. Another benefit of carbonated water is that it acts like a vasodilator even at room temperature. It can help improve the blood supply to the skin, resulting in a healthier & brighter complexion
.4. The bubbles from the carbonated water deliver oxygen to the skin barrier which helps reduce the skin puffiness.
5. For best results – damp the skin with carbonated water or dip the face in carbonated water for 10 seconds, apply cleanser & wash off with carbonated water.