Decoding - Time between Layering of Products !

1. Allowing enough time for each skin care product to absorb & prevent pilling is the key to an effective skin care regime.
2. Pilling is when products are layered on top of one another leading to a build up – little balls of product are formed on the face.
3. Moisturizer & Hyaluronic Acid Serums absorb well on damp skin & must be applied immediately after washing the face.
4. Alpha Beta Hydroxy Acid – need waiting of 20-30 minutes. Also ensure the skin is dry to minimise inadvertent interactions.
5. Vit C Serums – absorption time of 1-2 minutes before the next layer.
6. Retinol Serums or Night Creams – 10 minutes of wait before any further layering.
7. Sunscreens – 15-20 minutes of waiting before steping out or any makeup layering.