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Dr Reema Arora

Get the best Lip Filler, lip Enhancement by renowned & experienced natural looking Lip Fillers Expert, Dr. Reema Arora at one of the best Aesthetic center in Hauz Khas, Delhi. Lip Filler Injection at the Face Clinic rejuvenates the lips by boosting hydration and adding a sensual, subtle roundness, making the results appear absolutely natural. The unique 1ml lip filler technique of the best lip filler doctor, Dr Reema Arora, involves injecting a very soft hyaluronic acid lip filler containing Hyaluronic acid skin booster with an innovative, flexible cannula. This technique using Juvederm Lip Filler completely avoids injecting into the red of the lips, resulting in less swelling and bruising after the lip enhancement – with minimal discomfort. Conttd

Best Lip Fillers Treatment in Delhi for Expert Lip Enhancement India


Depending on the patient, the effects of these natural lip fillers last on average for around nine to twelve months. We also offer classic lip shaping and lip enhancements guided by individuals’ choices with hyaluronic dermal lip filler. We understand that many patients seek fuller, more sensuous lips. Therefore, Dr Reema Arora bespokes the treatments to individual requirements, desired result and facial proportions. Men are also taking advantage of the possibilities offered by a very discreet lip augmentation, especially to compensate for inequalities between the upper and lower lip.

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Dr Reema Arora has been a national and international trainer in anti-wrinkle injections and Fillers for the past 16 years. She has worked with Allergan India Pvt Ltd. as Medical Head- Facial Aesthetics and has the credit of training over 1500 Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons in the art of facial rejuvenation with injectables.

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