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Best Non Surgical Neck Lift Cost in India | Neck Tightening Treatments in Delhi

Get the best Non Surgical Neck Lift in India by Dr Reema Arora, a leading Rejuvenation Expert in India. Mini Neck Lift  is the most popular treatment amongst people of all age groups for nefertiti neck lift. Dr Reema Arora is considered as one of the best skin specialist in Delhi for best neck lift without surgery.

Skin Tightening Treatments in Delhi – procedure combats the signs of ageing of the neck & décolletage, addressing neck wrinkles and signs of sun damage. At the Face Clinic, our expert, Dr Reema Arora, will assess the neck & décolletage area and recommend the optimal non invasive Neck Lift plan needed to give the best neck tightening treatments.

Non Surgical Neck Lift | Tightening Neck Skin

Although the skin of the lower neckline, shoulder and upper chest (collectively called the décolletage) is just as sensitive as the face, when it comes to the daily cleanse or applying sunscreen and moisturisers, this area is easily forgotten.

With the décolletage, there is no quick-fix surgical solution. 

Neck Tightening Procedures

An effective tightening of neck skin procedure treats the deep dermal layers of the skin as well as uppermost superficial layers. A holistic approach encompassing surface rejuvenation through neck tightening Treatment, from light therapy to microinjections, to provide even skin tone and texture, and hydrating dermal fillers to plump out neck wrinkles and restore lost volume, fillers for turkey neck, will provide the most beneficial results. A comprehensive Non Surgical Neck Lift treatment combines all gentle, non-abrasive procedures suitable for the thin, delicate skin of the neck and décolletage, saggy neck treatment, neck thread lift and Nefertiti Botox for saggy neck.

Based on your skin health, lifestyle and expectations, our skincare expert, Dr Reema Arora can analyse the condition of your skin and provide a bespoke natural Neck Lift treatment plan.

The Neck Lift Treatment is a Combination Of The Following Components

Photo-Rejuvenation / Skin Resurfacing Treatments

With our state-of-the-art laser technology and photo light therapies, Dr Reema Arora can stimulate rapid repair and remodelling of the deep tissue structures of the skin. The ability to customise the settings of each device makes them ideally suited for the treatment of delicate areas as the neck and décolletage.


Men or women with significant signs of ageing, decreased facial volume & skin elasticity and who are looking for non-surgical ways to rejuvenate and address wrinkles.

Initial results are visible immediately and peak in 2-3 weeks of the procedure. Results usually last around 6-12 months, depending on skin type, Neck Tightening treatment and how quickly your body metabolises the filler.

One of the biggest advantages of this procedure is that it has absolutely no downtime.

With the neck and décolletage, there is no quick-fix surgical solution. Considerable reduction in down-time, recovery period, risk & cost, apprehensions about ‘going under the knife’, non-permanent nature of the procedure, leverage to adjust applications over time.

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