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Profhilo Treatment in Delhi / Anti-Ageing Treatment in India

#1 Best Under Eye Fillers in Delhi Non Surgical Dark Circles Treatment in India

Get the best Profhilo Treatment in Delhi by our experienced rejuvenation expert, Dr Reema Arora. Dr Reema Arora excels in Profhilo Skin treatment with years of experience to help achieve a youthful looking Profhilo Skin Booster.

Profhilo Fillers – is an award-winning anti-ageing treatment specifically developed for rejuvenating and tightening loose and sagging skin, creating a firmer and more lifted look.

Profhilo Treatment uses patented technology engineered for ‘skin remodelling’, stimulating the production of both your natural collagen and elastin to renew your skin from within. Profhilo Injection has one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid available in the cosmetic industry and stimulates long-term collagen production without the need for invasive or ablative procedures. Profhilo for Eyes or injecting Profhilo under eyes is gaining popularity for its wonderful results. 

Profhilo vis-à-vis other Injectables

Why Prohilo is better than Dermal Fillers and Botox ? Rather than being a volumizing filler or muscle relaxant, it can be seen as more of an advanced injectable moisturizer. It is made from the same natural sugar ingredient as many other dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid, but is specially formulated to have a more fluid, gel-like consistency. Unlike other dermal fillers, whose main purpose is to stay put in the targeted area, this is encouraged to disperse over a larger area of the skin. This ensures the hydrating and skin remodeling effects reach a widespread area.
Whilst this treatment won’t have any significant effect on the lines and wrinkles or provide any extra volume, it will give the skin a nourishing, hydrating boost from the inside out. Resulting in long-lasting, naturally radiating glow. Prohilo treatment before and after pics can elaborately illustrate the fact.

Treatment Areas and Indications for Profhilo Skin Booster

Profhilo skin fillers has strong anti-ageing and skin rejuvenating properties. The cohesive gel-like consistency means areas that are difficult to treat with most fillers:

BAP Technique for Profhilo treatment

Dr Reema Arora is an expert in the treatment and uses the clinically proven, Bio Aesthetic Point application (the BAP technique) to apply 5 specific injections on each side of the face to achieve these effects:


Its safety  has been well researched since its FDA approval in 2015. The substance administered is simply a pure, high concentration of the natural substance hyaluronic acid and contains no additional additives or stabilizers.

Usually takes 4 weeks to diffuse into the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. The results last a few months, during this time hyaluronic acid progressively draws water molecules to the skin. Significant visible impact on the tone, texture and hydration of the face. Top-up sessions approximately twice a year following this will help maintain results. Assessing the Profhilo before and after pictures can help understand the results better.

It is very well-tolerated by most patients and there is no down-time after treatment.

During the two-week window following the treatment, we do not recommend any other filler or rejuvenating procedures. This allows it to be sufficiently dispersed and for maximal results to be seen. 

Dr Reema Arora is a leading non surgical rejuvenation expert and an International Trainer. Dr Reema Arora excels in Profhilo treatment with years of experience to help achieve a youthful looking facial and neck profile. She is an expert in the treatment and uses the clinically proven BAP technique. 

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