Shaving Cream - chose your skin appropriate !

1. Shaving cream serves 3 purposes- softens the hard hair, reduces friction between the razor & skin for easy glide, moisturizes the skin for protection.
2. Available types – Foam – provides quick & good lather, doesn’t provide enough moisturising, thus isn’t perfect for sensitive skin. Gel based – good for both lather & moisturising, is good enough for all skin types. Shaving oils should be preferred pre-shave as an effective primer.
3. Ingredients to look for – coconut oil & almond. Aloe vera & avocado are the preferred organic ingredients, ideal for sensitive skin .
4. Other ingredients – glycerin – acts as a good moisturising agent, stearic acid – also a moisturising agent ,colloidal oatmeal – soothing & protective agent ,shea butter – rich in vitamins & fatty acids
5. Highly fragrant products should be strictly avoided, may cause irritation.