Hand Rejuvenation

An effective skin care regime, makeup, and facial cosmetic procedures can help your face look years younger. But, the wrinkly skin, prominent veins, and dark spots on the back of your hands will always give away your age. In fact, hands age more rapidly than your face or other parts of your body. The best way to guess a person’s age is to look at their hands, not at their face. While a good skincare regimen and anti-aging procedures will help take off a few years of your face, the wrinkly skin, dark spots, and prominent veins the back of your hands might be telling a different story. Our hands receive a lot of sun exposure, and because of this, they are one of the first places to start showing visible signs of aging. As you age, your skin starts losing collagen and elasticity, and this show up first in your hands.

• Darkening of skin
• Loss of volume
• Wrinkling
• Hyper-pigmentation