Tuesday Tips

Hair Thinning or Hair Loss ? When to hit the panic button !

1. An average fall of 50-150 strands a day is quite normal, so we shouldn’t be always worried.
2. However a sudden increase in visible hair fall from the scalp can be related to stress levels. Stress can increase cortisol, which shifts the hair follicles into a resting phase – a primary reason for hair fall !
3. This is easily reversible, you can relax. Good diet & scalp hygiene can help get back to normalcy quickly.
4. A more visible scalp is hair thinning. Hairfall is not seen usually in such cases, only the hair gets thinner exposing the scalp.
5. Thinning hair condition calls for medical advice, a proper diagnosis & follow up treatment !

Dewised Skin - How to get this Trending Look !

1. ‘Dewised’ – the new Instagram buzz word is nothing but hydrated, healthy & glowing skin.
2. Steps to get this trending look at home – start with a deep cleanse, use a skin appropriate cleanser.
3. Next, use a good face mask which hydrates the skin. Look for Hyaluronic acid, this makes the skin look plump & healthy.
4. Add more hydration with a Hyaluronic acid serum after the pack.
5. Use a good moisturizer to seal the look. Add shine, the go to ingredients are Vit C & mandalic acid. Top it up with a wisely chosen SPF.
6. Finally, set the look with a Mist spray.
7. It’s important to ensure the products are approved by your doctor. Remember a good diet can help ensure a dewy skin from within !

Nail Care - often neglected !

1. Nail extensions, art & other such procedures actually take a serious toll on nail health.
2. Nails tend to get brittle due to various factors which aren’t under our control – ageing, genetic or some medical conditions.
3. Switching to a glass nail filler is advisable, which is comparatively less damaging.
4. Try to use gloves while working in water, water can cause cuticle damage & even swelling in nails.
5. Avoid acetone nail polish removers. Regular trimming of nails helps, short nails are known to be stronger.
6. Make sure to use formaldehyde free nail strengthening agents only. Formaldehyde may initially show nail hardness, however it can be detrimental to nail health in the long run.
7. Sunflower oil can be used as a decent nail moisturizer, can be applied 2-3 times a day.
8. In-clinic nail strengthening treatments are highly recommended & immensely helpful !

Dark Spots - Avoid these Skin Care Products !

1. Dark spots or hyperpigmentations is a very common concern, many of us are dealing with it.
2. Retinol, AHA’s, BHA’s & Benzoyl peroxide are the key ingredients to avoid with hyperpigmentation, as all these are excellent exfoliating agents.
3. These products can cause sensitivity to the skin thus making it more photosensitive. It can lead to further pigmentation.
4. Sunscreen must be chosen wisely & used well with these agents.

It should be strictly under doctor’s supervision to ensure your pigmentation is managed appropriately.

Where to Splurge Where not - Skincare Decoding

1. Everything expensive needn’t be good – It’s confusing with so many recommendations & bombardment about skin care products.
2. Skin care usually includes a cleanser, exfoliating agents, serum, moisturizer, SPF & In-clinic treatments.
3. Cleansers go down the drain & investing a nominal amount will suffice ! Similarly for exfoliating agents like AHA, BHA there’s no need to go overboard. Hyaluronic acid serums also fall in the same category.
4. Vit C serums however must be of good quality, as they are difficult to stabilise. Higher investment is quite justified with Vit C & same goes for Sunscreen, which takes the responsibility to ensure good protection.
5. Finally In-clinic treatments – go a long way in skin care !

Always invest in good treatments under your Doctor guidance !

How long should you wait to see the magic of Vit C ?

1. Vitamin C has a plethora of goodness as a skin care ingredient – it works as an antioxidant, photo protectant when used along with sunscreen.
2. Vit C when clubbed with Vit E & Hyaluronic acid acts as an excellent moisturizer. It also helps in pigmentation as well as oil control.
3. We need to be patient with Vit C to deliver the results. The molecule takes about 3 weeks to start showing some results & upto 2 months for the results to peak !
4. Latest studies reveal the optimum concentrations of Vit C are between 10-20 %, at a PH of 3.
5. Choose wisely and be patient !

Undereye Cream - Consider this Ingredient !

1. Our undereye skin needs special care, it is thinner & more delicate.
2. Coenzyme Q 10, a vitamin like molecule present in our body can work wonders on the under-eye skin. It acts as a powerful antioxidant & metabolic catalyst. It can activate cells at the cellular level, making them more youthful – ideal for the delicate undereye area .
3. Another major benefit of this molecule – it protects the skin against sun damage & photoaging. It also helps reduce collagen degradation making it an absolute winner !

Skin Essentials in Your 40’s & 50’s !

1. Consider adding Linoleic Acid to your diet. It can help in keeping the skin plump, reduce inflammation & protect from environmental pollution.
2. Oral Vit E can benefit the outer layer of the skin. It can help fade & smoothen fine lines & wrinkles, improve skin texture damaged due to natural aging & weakened skin renewal.
3. Strictly avoid sugar, as this increases inflammation, weakening the skin.
4. Add oral collagen. It helps boost the skin architecture & skin firmness.
5. Consider chlorophyll water, it can help the body detoxify. Keep adequately hydrated.

Should You Tilt Your Head in the Shower ?

1. Whilst it is a normal routine & instructions for showering may feel awkward.
2. While shampooing ensure you tilt your head, so as to ensure the soapy water & the conditioner flow directly to the drain.
3. Remember the skin on our back is thick & quite prone to blockage of the pores. It can lead to back acne.
4. Shampoo, conditioner & other hair wash products can cause further blockage.
5. Remember to tilt your head as you shampoo !

Face Exfoliation - Safety Rules !

1. Skin exfoliation helps to cleanse, open the pores, remove dead cells & debris.
2. It’s important to maintain the skin microbiome, it’s an ecosystem of good bacteria which helps the skin thrive. A disruption of this ecosystem can lead to conditions like eczema, rosacea & other infections.
3. Wisely choosing the exfoliating products is very important. Stay away from harsh physical scrubs that contain ingredients like walnut, opt for rice flour content instead.
4. Chemical scrubs are a good option for exfoliation, with polyhydroxy acids like gluconolacctone . Acne prone skin should prefer salicylic or glycolic acid.
5. It’s important to consult your doctor for appropriate advice.

Air Travel - Skin Care Alert !

1. Air travel makes our skin quite dehydrated. Low cabin air pressure, coupled with dry air in the aircraft leads to a humidity level of less than 20%, whereas our skin is comfortable at 40-70% humidity.
2. Our skin tries to over-compensate itself in such conditions which makes it look puffy, oily and prone to breakouts.
3. Preventative steps – start adequate moisturising & use hydrating sheet masks 4-5 days prior to travel.
4. Inflight skin protection with at least SPF 30 is important, as the sun is very harsh above the cloud cover.
5. Considering inflight sheet mask every 6 hours with moisturizer & serum application every 2-3 hours can help immensely.
6. Oral antioxidants should be started timely, to help the skin fight from the inside.
Remember to keep yourself well hydrated !

How to Deal with an Itchy Scalp ?​

1. The scalp is an extension of our facial skin, it too requires a proper skin care routine.
2. Itchy or flaky scalp can be a result of one or more of these factors – stress, medication, hormones, genetics, hair styling, eating habits, overall health. All these factors need to be considered to ensure good scalp health.
3. A professional scalp care routine must be curated after due consultation with your doctor.
4. A pre-shampoo to remove grime, followed by shampoo, conditioner & mask/ oil are the basics of a decent scalp care regime. Appropriate product selection is important.

Blackheads - how to keep them at bay ?

1. Blackheads should be extracted in a sequence to help prevent skin damage. Loosen the blackheads with steam or a hot shower then use a comedone extractor for removal. Please refrain from digging too deep, visit your doctor if they don’t come out easily.
2. Use Alpha Hydroxy Acids & Beta Hydroxy Acids for prevention, as these help to remove the dead skin .AHAs – glycolic, lactic & citric acids BHAs – salicylic acid
3. Consider using a clay mask as it holds the debris & cleans the pores while it dries.
4. Appropriate Retinol based product at night increases the cell turnover, helping with blackheads.
5. Please consult your doctor before you start your regime for the blackheads !

Body Serums - Demystified for better Usage!

1. The face & body skin type is quite different. Body has thicker skin & lesser amounts of oil secreting glands as compared to face. Therefore altogether different products are recommended for application on the face & body.
2. A good body serum is always packed with high-performance actives & ingredients that can deeply hydrate the skin.
3. Formulation for body serums can include plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, amino acids & antioxidants
4. A Body serum should preferably be applied on damp skin & topped up with a moisturiser.
5. In hot & humid conditions a body serum serves much better purpose than a moisturizer alone !

Sweat - Is it bad or good for your skin ?

1. Sweat not only helps our body to remain cool, it also detoxifies the body by excreting some toxins.
2. Sweating doesn’t lead to break outs, it actually helps the skin with natural protection from acne causing bacteria by secreting potent anti-microbial peptides.
3. The sweat when dries & gets mixed with bacteria & dirt, can cause breakouts !
4. Importantly wash off the sweat as soon as possible. Taking a shower post sweating is advisable, or wipe off the sweat with a towel as an interim measure, if showering isn’t possible.

“Slugging“ - Decoding the New Buzz Word !

1. It’s a Korean skincare trend which occludes the skin with products like Vasaline or face oil, to lock-in the moisture.
2. The basic underlying principal is to reduce Transepidermal water loss(TEWL) i.e skin losing its water to the atmosphere, which is the maximum during night. Prevention of TEWL can help immensely with dehydrated & dry skin.
3. The idea is to cleanse the skin, layer the recommended skin care in order from thin to thick. Finally occlude with Vasaline or face oil.
4. A miniscule amount of oil or Vasaline should be applied, so as not to suffocate the skin.
5. Not recommended for oily or acne prone skin.

How to Apply Lipstick on Dry Lips !

1. Applying lipstick on dry chapped lips makes them look cracked & flaky – not an aesthetic site.
2. Lip prepping should be considered, pre-lipstick application or as a regular routine. An overnight lip mask can help with adequate hydration, pre-makeup.
3. Exfoliate with a gentle lip scrub to remove the dead scaly skin, prior to lipstick application. 1-2 times a week is enough, remember not to overdo.
4. Hydrating lipstick should be preferred, use lip balm as a primer.
5. Layer lip balm over the lipstick or use 2-in-1 lipstick. Chose lip balm infused with hyaluronic acid, emollients & peptides, it can help reduce the appearance of vertical lip lines.

Acne Prone Skin - Important Facts !

1. Give adequate spacing to the active ingredients, apply one in the morning -AHA, BHA, Benzyol peroxide & one at night – Retinol.
2. Do not overdo the actives, as the skin needs adequate healing time.
3. Avoid touching or popping pimples. It is a major cause for pigmentation, post acne.
4. A moisturizer & sunscreen are most important, at all times.
5. Be patient, it usually takes approx 6-8 weeks for an active bout of acne to settle.
6. Most importantly, no self medication, as cause appropriate treatment is essential. Do stay under proper medical supervision.


Grapefruit - How to Eat to Heal Ageing Skin !

1. Grapefruit is an abundant source of antioxidants in the form of bioactive compounds – vitamins, carotenoids, fiber & phenolic compounds.
2. It is also a rich source of Vit C which can help reduce hyperpigmentation, discolouration & aging signs. It also helps fight inflammation & free radicals.
3. The rich AHA content in this fruit helps with skin texture & elasticity.
4. It’s rich vitamins & minerals help our body in collagen synthesis .
5. Grapefruit is recommended to be eaten raw & full, not only the juice, for best results.
Add one grapefruit in your diet daily.

Facial Fitness- what it really means ?

1. Our face too is made up of muscles, fat & skin like our body. Overuse of our facial muscles can cause fatigue & stress.
2. Face massage is equally important for our face, as regular exercising is for our body.
3. Face massage done at home with tools like guasha & rollers with periodic specialty in-clinics ones can give our skin huge advantage!
4. Importantly massages should be done with expertise & specialty tools to get the optimal benefits
5. Improved blood circulation, lymphatic drainage & muscle relaxation through efficient face massage leads to a radiant, plump & sculpted complexion.

Drink Up, Stay Hydrated - It’s Monsoon Time !

1. Our body needs much more hydration during this humid & sweating conditions.
2. 70 % of our body is made up of water. An adult needs an average of 8-9 glasses of water in a day for adequate hydration.
3. Encouraging infusion water intake can help with added antioxidants & minerals.
4. Options for infusion water – Mint & Cucumber – high in antioxidants & vitamins – A & K, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium. Grapefruit & Rosemary- rich in Vit-C, rosemary also helps in stress & anxiety. Watermelon & Basil – watermelon is packed with minerals & basil has anti-inflammatory properties.

Stay hydrated & glow !

Stubborn Chapped Lips - Unveiling the Secret !

1. Chapped lips, is quite a common concern, which isn’t addressed effectively with lip balms alone.
2. Quite similar to under-eye lips too have thinner & damage-prone skin which definitely needs extra attention.
3. Using an under-eye cream for the lip area can give awesome results ! An added benefit is it can also reduce the lip lines & wrinkles !
4. Eye creams are potent hydrating & nourishing agents, formulated with ingredients like ceramides, peptides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C & E.
5. A word of caution is to use small quantities as the ingredients are quite potent ! Importantly consult your doctor to finalise the right ingredient !

Open Pores- Can they Vanish ?

1. Open pores are the window of our skin, technically these are openings of the hair follicles which allow the sweat & sebum to release from the skin.
2. We all have around 20000 pores on our face & these always remain open ! Generally we can’t see them, it’s only when enlarged that they become visible.
3. A Large pore size may appear due to genetics, excessive sebum production, blockage with makeup, poor cleaning habits & use of non-medical grade skincare products !
4. We can minimise the size of the pores with good cleansing techniques, using sunblock regularly, a decent makeup primer before makeup, using cold compression for temporary shrinking & use of only medical grade skincare products.
5. In-clinic treatments can help clean the pore debris which reduces the pore size & most importantly prevents it’s further expansion !

Skin Care Products - How & Where to Store !

1. A well curated skin care regime is essential for good skin.
2. It’s essential to make sure the products are not only effective but remain potent throughout their shelf life.
3. Appropriate storage is decisively important. Whilst the bathroom may seem ideal, it isn’t essentially.
4. Drastic temperature changes due to hot & cool showers with excess moisture levels can adversely alter the consistency and effect their efficiency.
5. Ideal storage space of skin care products should be a cool dry place. An exclusive mini fridge maybe considered.

Preventative BOTOX(R) - Facts to Know !

1. BOTOX is a neuromodulator conventionally used to treat lines & wrinkles.
2. Preventative BOTOX(R) is the use of Botox to prevent the appearance of lines & wrinkles.
3. Preventative BOTOX Is used to relax some of the overlapping facial muscles of expression which will eventually cause skin creasing.
4. It can help over expressive individuals or those who have genetic predispositions to deep lines, i.e. the parents have deep lines. Individuals above the age of 25 years can opt for this treatment.
5. The downside is however a long term commitment to the procedure.

Skin Care Acids - Facts To know !

1. Categories of skin care acids – AHA, BHA, PHA & Azeliac.
2. AHAs are naturally derived acids made from sugar, milk & fruit. Glycolic acids are beneficial in anti ageing, exfoliating & breaking of pigmentation. Lactic & Mallic acid help in skin hydration.Mandalic acid – for inflammation & bacteria, used for Acne management.
3. BHAs -Salicylic acid – for redness, inflammation & treatment of open pores.
4. PHAs – Gluconolactone, Lactobionic Acid & Maltobionic Acid are known to be slower & safer than AHA.
5. Azeliac acid – derived from wheat, beneficial for pores & inflammation.
6. It is important to let your doctor decide on how to introduce the correct acid to your skin care.

HyaluronicAcid (HA) - A Boon for Your Hair too !

1. Hyaluronic Acid, a natural sugar, is a wonderful humectant due to its tremendous water holding capacity.
2. It is known to be an excellent moisturizer for the skin, however latest studies reveal it is equally beneficial for scalp health too. HA can help improve scalp hydration & also strengthen the skin barrier.
3. HA is capable of coating the hair shaft & help revitalise hair & improve its texture.
4. Bespoke In-clinic treatments can optimise HA benefits for scalp !

Sunscreen & SensitiveSkin !

1. Sunscreen is a mandate, 365 days a year, irrespective of sun exposure, indoors, outdoors, rainy days, cloudy or any other climate conditions.
2. Sensitive skin usually has a weak skin barrier thus chemical sunscreens should be avoided, as they work after absorption. Opt for physical or mineral based sunscreen. The key ingredients to look for – Zinc oxide & Titanium Oxide.
3. Ingredients to avoid in sunscreen for sensitive skin – fragrance, PABA, oxybenzone – these can cause allergies, rash & redness.
4. Usage – remember the shot glass rule – 2 fingers sunscreen for the face, 1 shot glass for the upper Body & one for the lower Body.

Lip Flip - know more ?

1. Lip Flip is the new buzz word. This procedure doesn’t involve Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, usually used for lip Augmentation, creating a pout, adding volume.
2. Lip Flip involves use of neurotoxin, like Botox, to evert the upper lip. This procedure creates relaxation of muscle & lip volume.
3. The procedure is also used for correcting smoker’s lines & gummy smile !
4. The downside is it doesn’t last as long as a filler procedure – a couple of months, but it also costs much less compared to a lip filler.

Skin Purging - Everything you need to know !

1. Skin purging is a reaction to an active ingredient that increases skin cell turnover rate. 2. Skin may have more blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, cysts & even the tiny pre-pimples before it get itself cleared of purging. 3. Retinol is one of the most common ingredient to lead to purging. The simplest solution is to wait it out patiently & follow your doctor’s advice diligently. 4. Purging vs reaction or breakouts – reaction/breakout occurs from a new product, normally in areas which don’t usually breakout. Also the reaction is immediate.

Dry skin ? Maybe your Body needs this Vitamin !

1. Presently the weather is so dry that even moisturizer isn’t helping. 2. Dry skin at times may look flaky or red and stretchy, even oily at times due to excess oil production by the skin to combat dryness. 3. Irrespective of the appearance, the skin needs appropriate products which can suitably help. It’s important to get the right regime professionally. 4. A recent study revealed the importance of Vit D in skin moisture levels, people with adequate levels of Vit D had a more hydrated skin. 5. More than 85 per cent of our adult population is deficient in Vit D, irrespective of Sun exposure.6. Thus ensuring that you are not Vit D deficient is important. In case of deficiency, adequate amount of right supplements will not only help the skin hydration, but strengthen bones & muscles also!

Restore Skin firmness & Slow Down Ageing !

1. SPF/sunscreen is a mandate everyday, all seasons, indoors or outdoors. UV rays alone cause the most extensive damage to the skin & decrease collagen production. 2. Add Antioxidants to your skin care – Vit C, Niacinamide, Retinol. These help prevent the free radicals, responsible for skin damage & premature ageing. Consult your Doctor for your skin appropriate antioxidants. 3. Ensure 6-8 hours of sleep daily, it helps to replenish the skin & keep a check on the stress induced inflammation & damage. 4. Periodic In-Clinic treatments should be included in the regime for the best results. Injectable Fillers are the most promising modality to help with firmness & anti-ageing, followed by laser treatments.

Shaving Cream - chose your skin appropriate !

1. Shaving cream serves 3 purposes- softens the hard hair, reduces friction between the razor & skin for easy glide, moisturizes the skin for protection.
2. Available types – Foam – provides quick & good lather, doesn’t provide enough moisturising, thus isn’t perfect for sensitive skin. Gel based – good for both lather & moisturising, is good enough for all skin types. Shaving oils should be preferred pre-shave as an effective primer.
3. Ingredients to look for – coconut oil & almond. Aloe vera & avocado are the preferred organic ingredients, ideal for sensitive skin .
4. Other ingredients – glycerin – acts as a good moisturising agent, stearic acid – also a moisturising agent ,colloidal oatmeal – soothing & protective agent ,shea butter – rich in vitamins & fatty acids
5. Highly fragrant products should be strictly avoided, may cause irritation.

Cleansing - An Unbroken Rule !

1. Cleansing is an integral part of the skincare- equally important for morning & evening routine.
2. Cleansing not only removes the makeup but also helps with excessive oil, dirt, pollution, without compromising the skin barrier.
3. Cleansing removes the grime too, thus preventing breakouts. It also prevents the potential damage from free radicals associated with premature ageing.
4. It is extremely Important though to choose the skin appropriate cleanser & its usage technique. What’s good for you may not be suitable for your friend. Trust your Doctor for the correct product and technique.
5. Periodic In-Clinic cleansing is highly recommended for best results.

Hair Loss Amidst Pollution !

1. Extreme pollution levels in most of the cities show serious ill effects on our skin, scalp & hair.
2. Fossil fuel is one of the major culprit, thus we are at serious risk of picking up metals like copper & iron, when we are near to vehicular polluted environment. These metals can severely damage the hair follicles.
3. Hair breakage, dryness, dullness & hair fall accentuates with the presence of free radicals in the polluted air.
4. Shampoo & conditioner do not suffice in such conditions, hair mask application prior to wash can provide necessary help to the scalp & hair.
5. Detangling serums should be preferred, these help to coat the hair for protection. Clarifying shampoos & topical scalp-antioxidants need to be added in the hair care regimen.
6. Periodic In-Clinic treatments are recommended for all-round hair & scalp health.

Sensitive Skin - Are we responsible ?

1. Sensitive skin is prone to itching, burning, stinging, tightness & dryness. 
2. A 2019 study indicates 60-70 per cent of the female population carries sensitive skin, the prevalence is increasing steadily.
3. Evolution of at-home skincare complemented with usage of over-the-counter products delivers high strength of Acids, Retinol & Serums, destroying the skin barrier (protective layer).
4. Sensitive skin is naturally reactive to heat, food or pollen vis-a-vis sensitised skin – overstimulated with lasers, peels / active ingredient, having injured skin barrier.
5. Strict usage of only prescription products, with in-clinic procedures can help protect the skin & its glow.

Anti Ageing Power House Smoothie !

1. Wild berries chai protein smoothie can help to glow from within.
2. Wild blueberries – super fruit with abundant Anthocyanin, a Flavonoid with strong antioxidants. These help fight free radicals which are harmful for skin.
3. Pea protein/ chickpeas – good vegetarian protein & fibre, help with collagen production to maintain skin elasticity.
4. Chai Masala – cinnamon, ginger & cardamom – help fight inflammation preventing cell damage. These also help regulate the blood sugar levels.

Stretch Marks - How to Minimize !

1. Stretch marks are tears in the skin. Quick expansion & shrinking of the skin is the main cause of their occurrence.
2. Adequate sunscreen application & regular moisturizing of the skin can help prevent these marks
.3. Micronutrients like Zinc, Vit C, Vit E should be included in the diet. A balanced diet can surely help.
4. Yo-Yo diets should be avoided, these usually cause quick stretching & collapsing of the skin.
5. Generous use of moisturizer on damp skin can help in the prevention.
6. In-Clinic solutions – MDAMicro Needling & laser sessions can help reduce the marks.

Vit C - Eat or Apply the magic ingredient !

1. Vit C is essential for collagen production. It also helps in photo protection of the skin, even though it’s not a sunscreen.
2. Women lose 30 % of their collagen production within the first 5 years of menopause, thus post-menopause supplements must contain Vit C.
3. Only 3 months of Vit C application on the face shows a visible reduction in appearance of wrinkles.
4. Oral supplement of vitamin C helps prevent UV-induced damage. It works best in combination with vitamin E.
5. Topical application of vitamin C is most effective for delivering ascorbic acid to the skin. Oral supplementation of Vit C can deliver added benefits.

Neck & Chest Skin Care !

1. Ingredients – Retinol & Hyaluronic Acid – Retinol accelerates skin renewal whilst Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin. Night application of creams & serums containing these ingredients can help.
2. Day time application of niacinamide (Vit B), a potent antioxidant, helps reduce open pores & dullness.
3. Regular exercise helps improve the skin quality, it increases the blood flow to the skin. This helps develop the deeper layers through myokinines, preventing thinning of the outer layers.
4. Considering collagen supplements helps with a firmer & supple skin, as our collagen stores deplete with age.

Hyaluronic Acid - A wonderful Humectant !

1. Hyaluronic acid is extensively present in a wide range of areas in our body. It is a naturally occurring type of sugar, synthesised by the body.
2. It’s core functions is to retain water, keep our tissues well lubricated, thus making our skin look firm & youthful. It can also increase collagen production, another way it helps our skin as we age.
3. However it starts depleting as we age, the reduction starts as early as our 20’s. It reduces to 50% by the time we hit 40.
4. Good serums can help replenish the stores. Oral collagen supplements should be considered. Injectable HA at Clinics is immensely helpful !

Hyaluronic Acid - A wonderful Humectant !

1. Hyaluronic acid is extensively present in a wide range of areas in our body. It is a naturally occurring type of sugar, synthesised by the body.
2. It’s core functions is to retain water, keep our tissues well lubricated, thus making our skin look firm & youthful. It can also increase collagen production, another way it helps our skin as we age.
3. However it starts depleting as we age, the reduction starts as early as our 20’s. It reduces to 50% by the time we hit 40.
4. Good serums can help replenish the stores. Oral collagen supplements should be considered. Injectable HA at Clinics is immensely helpful !

Beautiful Skin - Start from within !

1. Gut health is extremely essential for a glowing skin.
2. An inflamed gut, common cause being excess intake of processed food & sugar, can have skin manifestation like acne, eczema or redness.
3. Ingestion of pre & probiotics can improve gut inflammation, thus help improve the skin condition.
4. Probiotics are live bacteria that we ingest, these help support the gut microbiome. Foods rich in probiotics are curd, kimchi & some select fermented foods.
5. Prebiotics are types of fiber, found in fruits & vegetables, such as garlic, asparagus, bananas, apples, oats. These help feed the beneficial bacteria & thus encourage their growth.
6. Introduction of pre or probiotics in the diet should be encouraged for holistic skin health.1. Gut health is extremely essential for a glowing skin.

Hyaluronic Acid - A wonderful Humectant !

1. Hyaluronic acid is extensively present in a wide range of areas in our body. It is a naturally occurring type of sugar, synthesised by the body.
2. It’s core functions is to retain water, keep our tissues well lubricated, thus making our skin look firm & youthful. It can also increase collagen production, another way it helps our skin as we age.
3. However it starts depleting as we age, the reduction starts as early as our 20’s. It reduces to 50% by the time we hit 40.
4. Good serums can help replenish the stores. Oral collagen supplements should be considered. Injectable HA at Clinics is immensely helpful !

Dry vs Dehydrated Skin - Understanding the difference !

1. Dry skin is a ‘skin type’ which is actually a genetic issue. It doesn’t change as per the season or amount of water intake. It occurs due to lack of sufficient biosynthesis of natural lipids [the skin’s fats & oils] and/or water-holding substances in the skin.
2. A Dehydrated skin on the other hand can be due to poor water intake, which can change & fluctuate with seasons, diet & environment. Other causes can be excess UVA from sunlight, weather changes, central heating.
3. Treatment of dry skin depends on factors like breakouts / no-breakouts. Skin care & treatments should be done under the supervision of the doctor.
4. Dehydrated skin requires a more generic approach. Increased water intake, disciplined diet & reduced sun exposure helps.

Quench the Thirst of the Skin - Ace Ingredients !

1. Moisturizers are an essential part of the Winter skin care. For best results we need to understand the latest trends & products.
2. Hyaluronic acid has been known to be a good skin moisturizer. However it’s derivative, Sodium Hyaluronate, which has a much smaller molecule size, has the ability to swiftly penetrate the skin’s barrier.
3. Look for Sodium hyaluronate in most of the skincare products – serums & moisturizers. It allows the ingredients to effectively penetrate the skin.
4. Oral ceramides are excellent for dry skin. These must be considered for extreme dry skin conditions.

Chapped Lips - How to Avoid !

1. Deficiencies of Vitamins like B12, Vit C , Iron is quite a common cause for dry & chapped lips. Increased intake of greens, eggs & veggies surely helps.
2. Lip Licking is another common cause, constant saliva on the lips can strip away natural essential oils.
3. Too much Sun exposure can also cause dry chapped lips. Use an SPF 30 above the lip balm.
4. Fragranced lip balm can also be the culprit for lip dryness. Avoid fragrant products.
5. Reduced water intake also shows up on the lips. Drink adequate fluids.
6. Fungal infections can also cause dry & chapped lips.
Consult your doctor for appropriate treatment.

Acne Control - Important Tips !

1. Regulation of the oil production of the skin is the foremost step. A general perception of not applying moisturizer actually triggers more natural oil production. Choice of skin appropriate moisturizer is essential in controlling acne.
2. A gentle cleanser which doesn’t super dry the skin should be preferred. Salicylic acid based products can be considered.
3. Acne-fighting ingredients like retinol can help reduce inflammation & acne .
4. Balanced diet, exercise & life style discipline is a mandate for healthy skin. Foods with a low glycemic index i.e. less sugar, less fat help to maintain insulin levels. Insulin resistance is a major cause of acne.

Peri-Menopause & Skin Care !

1. The oestrogen levels in our body start to fluctuate from our mid-thirties. Start of Peri-menopause leads to various skin related changes like collagen reduction, acne around the chin & wrinkle formation.
2. A skin appropriate Anti-aging regime, started in our 30’s can really help slow down the process.
3. An antioxidant serum, along with other products containing VitC, Vit E, ferulic acid, niacinamide & arbutin should be considered for post-inflammatory healing. Sunscreen & moisturizer are also recommended to be included in the regime.
4. A pigment regulator & anti-ageing serum at night should also be added. Retinol based products can help immensely.

Deodorant vs an Antiperspirant - which one to use ?

1. Both these are entirely different – an Antiperspirant reduces sweat whereas a deodorant minimises odour.
2. These must not be used together. An antiperspirant should preferably be applied at night, giving it enough time to act. Aluminium hydroxide in the antiperspirant, helps block the sweat glands & reduces sweat.
3. Deodorant should preferably be applied after shower. It reduces the odour caused by bacterial action of the sweat.
4. A roll-on is broadly better than an aerosol. It gives an even distribution with limited amount of product. Aerosols may also cause burns.

Bed Linen - Are you using the right one ?

1. The bed-sheet & pillow cover fabric have a significant impact on our skin health as they are in direct contact with our skin.

2. Bed Linen fabric is recommended as per the skin type –
-Ageing & Dry Skin – Silk fabric should be preferred. Silk reduces the friction causing less damage.
-Acne prone Skin – Antimicrobial type fabric, look for ingredients like silver which can help protect against bacteria, mildew & other microbes.
-Sensitive Skin – Natural fibre like cotton are recommended, Synthetic fibers like nylon & polyester should be strictly avoided

3. Frequent & regular change of Bed Linen should be practiced. It can save from the potential damage from bacteria oil & bacterial debris that accumulates on the sheets.

Transition Time for Skin Care - Nip in the Air !

1. We need to change our moisturiser with the weather getting cold. Invest in a thicker ceramide based moisturizer which can support the skin barrier rather than an oil free one.
2. Another trick to improve hydration is to double layer a hyaluronic acid serum with a ceramide moisturiser.
3. Skin exfoliation should be cut down, it can cause inflammation. Opt for in-clinic exfoliation only
.4. Use of Retinol & AHA, BHA in the skin regime should be reduced. All such usage should be under the doctors’ guidance only.
5. Oral moisturizer rich in omega & ceramides can be considered.
6. Use of humidifier should be preferred, it reduces the dryness from room heaters.

Sensitive Skin - Ingredients to look for !

1. Whilst Retinol is considered gold standard for building collagen & anti-ageing, using a natural alternate – Bakuchiol plant for sensitive skin can eliminate the side effects of dryness, sensitivity & irritation.
2. Plant based Cica products can be used to calm inflammation in rosacea cases, instead of conventional azaleic acid.
3. Vitamin B-3 (niacinamide) should replace the usual Hydroquinone to manage age spots for sensitive skin. This helps target & block the enzyme that overproduces the pigmentation.

Don’t Forget to Remove your Make-Up this Festive Season !

1. Sleeping with your makeup on leads to trapping of natural oils, bacteria & environmental debris in the pores. It can lead to nasty breakouts. Refrain being lazy in the festivities, thoroughly remove the makeup before sleeping.
2. Wearing makeup overnight can accelerate skin ageing. It can also prevent natural exfoliation process making the skin dull, lackluster & oily. Even the pores can appear to be enlarged.
3. Prefer removing the makeup with micellar water or a double cleanse. Use of makeup wipes can cause excessive dryness & add on to the burden on the environment.Joyous Festivities !

Enjoy the Diwali Cleanse- without harming your Skin !

1. Look for fragrance free products to minimise the risk of allergies on sensitive skin.
2. Ensure wearing gloves while doing laundry or cleaning.
3. Quantity of detergents to be used should be watched carefully. Excess usage can trigger skin irritation.
4. An extra rinse while doing laundry can remove remnant detergents & prevent skin irritation.
5. Try replacing fabric softener with Vinegar. It doesn’t irritate the skin.

Pre-Shampoo Instructions - Blessing for your Tresses !

1. Pre-shampoo, detangle your hair with a comb. It prevents hair breakage.
2. A clarifying treatment – scalp scrub, detoxifying hair serum or ACV rinse can help refresh the scalp. It removes build-up from the hair.
3. Use a hair mask on dry hair & then cover with a shower cap to hydrate the hair. Shampoo after you bathe, giving enough time for the mask to work.
4. Pre-shampoo care can help prevent dry & frizzy hair post shampoo.

Glycolic Acid - A Chemical Exfoliating agent to consider

1. Glycolic acid is an AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid) derived from sugarcane. It has an excellent ability to brighten & refine the skin tone and texture.
2. It can easily penetrate the skin due to its small molecule size & thus has good exfoliating properties.
3. It is suitable for combination, oily as well as normal skin, but should avoided on sensitive skin.
4. The recommended concentration for home care use is 6-10 %.
5. It can be introduced as a cleanser on a daily basis. There on can move for a cream or serum 1-2 times a week.
6. In-Clinic treatments with Glycolic acid can deliver amazing results – improvement in texture & age spots.

Moisturizer- Golden Rules for Usage !

1. Never apply the moisturizer on dirty skin. It can capture the dirt on the skin causing allergies & irritation. 
2. Acne prone skin should also be moisturized properly. Avoidance can lead the skin to produce more oil which can accentuate further acne.
3. Choose wisely – our body needs different hydration for mornings & evenings, winters & summers.
4. Always moisturize the neck along with the face & patiently wait for 4-6 months for improvement in results.
5. Avoid vigorous massaging of the moisturizer on the skin. Fragranced moisturizers should be strictly avoided.

Topical Collagen in Skin Care...

1. With age abundant collagen stores (skin, ligaments, bones, hair, teeth, nails) in our body get reduced.
2. Of the several available topical application collagen products – serum, creams, etc, the most important factor to consider is the molecular size of collagen. The size decides its absorption from the skin.
3. Always look for collagen peptides, which are the collagen precursors & easily absorbable.
4. Retinol is another ingredient to consider which helps stimulate collagen synthesis.
5. Oral collagen is considered a better alternative for skin hydration & collagen synthesis.

Antioxidants - Pertinent Facts !

1. Antioxidants help neutralise free radicals which can damage our skin.
2. Various available antioxidants – Vit C, E & A.
3. These can be introduced in the skin-care as locally applied products.
4. Vit-A, also known as Retinol, can be applied at night, preferably under the supervision of a doctor.
5. Vit C & E can be applied as serums in the morning.6. Antioxidants help in preventing pigmentation, wrinkles & improve skin hydration.

Hair Fall Struggles - DIY to help !

1. Due to any reason – Post COVID symptom, changing weather conditions, deficiencies, excessive hair loss condition needs medical help.
2. Rosemary- can be a natural help. It can be used as a rinse or a leave-in application.
3. Boil 2 springs of Rosemary in 1 Cup of water for 10 minutes. Rosemary extract drops can give better results.
4. Rinse the hair with this Rosemary preparation, post shampoo & conditioner.
5. It can also be used as a leave-in massages, into the scalp after the hair wash
6. Rosemary shampoos available in the market can also be used, only after a diligent search for a reliable product.
7. Benefits of this herb are well researched & are comparable to Minoxidil.

Face Exfoliation - Should be as per Skin Type !

1. Exfoliation ensures the facial skin process of replacing old skin cells with new ones.
2. Choice between physical or chemical exfoliating technique should be based on skin type.
3. Sensitive skin – wash cloth & Mandalic acid for mild exfoliation.
4. Normal skin – Both chemical & physical exfoliation.
5. Dry skin – chemical exfoliation with lactic acid products.
6. Oily skin – mechanical or chemical with salicylic acid.
7. Combination skin – chemical exfoliation with salicylic acid in the oily zone & lactic acid for the rest.

Decoding - Time between Layering of Products !

1. Allowing enough time for each skin care product to absorb & prevent pilling is the key to an effective skin care regime.
2. Pilling is when products are layered on top of one another leading to a build up – little balls of product are formed on the face.
3. Moisturizer & Hyaluronic Acid Serums absorb well on damp skin & must be applied immediately after washing the face.
4. Alpha Beta Hydroxy Acid – need waiting of 20-30 minutes. Also ensure the skin is dry to minimise inadvertent interactions.
5. Vit C Serums – absorption time of 1-2 minutes before the next layer.
6. Retinol Serums or Night Creams – 10 minutes of wait before any further layering.
7. Sunscreens – 15-20 minutes of waiting before steping out or any makeup layering.

Blackheads - How to deal ?

1. Blackheads are formed typically by excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt, sweat & pollution. The opening of the hair follicle turns black with exposure to such air.
2. A good cleanser – Benzoyl peroxide is a go to ingredient proves helpful in prevention. Ears & other areas should be cleaned with cotton swab dipped in toner or Astringent pad.
3. A Retinol preparation at night may help in preventing black heads.
4. Self extraction should be avoided. Professional extraction prevents scarring & infection.


Eat the rainbow for better Skin! Bring on the Cherries & Berries!

1. Glowing skin starts from within & a lot depends on what we eat. The kitchen is the actual place from where it should start.
2. Dark colour fruits & vegetables are rich in antioxidants with cherries being one of the best as it contains vitamins A, C, E & potassium in abundance.
3. Inflammation ages skin over time caused by the degradation of elastin & collagen fibers. An anti-inflammatory diet can preserve youthful skin & shield it from environmental stressors, such as pollution.
4. Cherries & Berries are rich in Melatonin and Tryptophan which help induce sleep. Healthy sleeping patterns are very important for skin healing & stress reduction.

Collagen & Skin !

1. Collagen is one of the most important ingredient for supple skin. It can be introduced in different ways to the skin.
2. Applying collagen  topically in the form of mask is a new & effective trend. The absorption however from the skin is possible only with hydrolized collagen. Research shows significant increase in the skin moisture through this method.
3. Collagen can be consumed orally for better skin. Research backs the reduction in pore size with oral consumption.
4. Topical application of Retenoid can also stimulatecollagen production.
5. In clinic treatments – PRP, Micro-Needling, Lasers stimulate decent collagen production.
6. Our body produces one percentage less collagen with each passing year after the age of 20 & the most dramatic changes are visible between the age 30 & 40.

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Struggling with Stubborn Weight Gain, Cellulite & Bloat ?

Understand Lymphatic Drainage for a solution !
1. Our lymphatic system washes away toxins. Clogging in the detox system leads to cellulite & nearly double the fat deposit.
2. Diet that can help boost lymphatic drainage – coloured vegetables & fruits rich in antioxidants, increased fluid intake, reducing of saturated fats from dairy & vegetable oils from the diet.
3. Lymphatic drainage massages help to boost & unclog our ‘root lymph’ system. Self massage or a more scientific in-clinic drainage 1-2 times a month is ideal, as our lymph flow decreases by 39% between age 20 & 50 and drops another 20% between 50 & 70.

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The Mantra to deal with Dry & Dehydrated Skin!

1. Our skin gets more dry & dehydrated as we age or due to inflammation. Applying moisture isn’t enough to manage this dryness.
2. We need to keep ourselves hydrated ensuring at least 8 glasses of water intake a day.
3. An increased intake of essential oils in the food with flax seeds, fatty fish, nuts & seeds helps immensely. This reduces inflammation & improves hydration.
4. Adding a protein source with each meal – fish, yogurt etc improves collagen & hydration.
5. Avoid washing face with face wash too often as it strips the face of oils.
6. Adequate intake of Vit C & Zinc should be ensured for best results.

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The One Step We should Give Up in Our 30‘s !

1. When our skin matures it wrinkles & sags due to lack of moisture.
2. Skin hydration is very important & washing our face with a cleanser in the morning strips the skin from essential moisture, oils & ceramides.
3. Consider omitting a morning face wash & replacing it with micellar water or simple splash of tap water.
4. Follow it up with moisturiser rich in ceramides & glycerin for an excellent hydration.

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Magic ingredient for Radiant Skin - Glycolic Acid !

1. Glycolic acid can help get the desired – dewy, glowing, fresh & healthy skin.
2. It is an Alpha Hydroxy acid found in plants & food substances. It’s ability to break the bonds between dead skin cells makes it useful for skincare.
3. It even speeds up skin turnover stimulating new cell growth. It’s small molecular size makes it easily permeable in the skin.
4. The best way to use it is in form of a cleanser.
5. Look for glycolic acid cleansers with less than 10% concentration.
6. Glycolic acid peels during In-Clinic procedures can also do wonders for the skin.

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Sunscreen Serums - where do they work in skin care ?

1. Many skin care products contain SPF – moisturizer, serums, etc.
2. Serums & moisturiser penetrate & spread well on the skin thus helping the SPF also to spread evenly.
3. A SPF 30 serum or moisturizer is good enough for indoors. However it needs additional layering for outdoor protection.
4. An additional layer of sunscreen is required for outdoors. Layer gives an option of using both chemical & physical block.
5. Effective Sunblock is the single most important step in skin care !

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This Famous Cuppa can be a Boon for the Scalp !

1. Coffee is the second most consumed drink after water. It even has benefits for healthy hair.
2. As Coffee can penetrate the scalp, it can benefit immensely if used as a hair mask/conditioner.
3. It can increase the scalp circulation stimulating hair growth.
4. It Improves hair texture & helps detox the scalp.
5. Readymade coffee masks or home made concoction are all great for your tresses.

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This Famous Cuppa Can Be A Boon For The Scalp

Aging - Your Hands Can Be a Tell Tale !

1. Most of our skin care regime is focused on our face, whereas the exposed areas, the neck & hands are comparatively neglected.
2. The first signs of ageing is visible through our hands since they are always working & washed frequently (especially in the current pandemic).
3. The hands & feet are naturally oil deficient due to less sebaceous glands.
4. Moisturize wet hands after each wash – with oil & then moisturiser.
5. Apply sunscreen twice a day.
6. For age spots & volume loss, In-Clinic treatments like lasers & fillers are recommended.

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Aging - Your Hands Can Be A Tell Tale !

Detox your Armpits in Summer !

1. No matter how clean you keep yourself the armpits are always exposed to sweat, oil, dirt, bacteria & body odour.
2. Deodorant is not enough for this. Like we need to scrub the face, similarly detox of armpit is necessary to soften the skin, reduce body odour & soothe irritation caused by hair removal.
3. The process should include – cleanser, scrub, moisturiser & pack.
4. The ingredients in these must be suitable for sensitive skin & help depigmentation.
5. Specialised In-Clinic treatments should also be considered periodically.

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Super Smoothie - for Immunity & Beautiful Skin !

1. It is imperative to work on our immunity & fitness in the current scenario.
2. This smoothie helps with both, Aloe Vera is a powerhouse for your skin.
3. Ingredient Checklist
 -1 cup fresh or frozen diced pineapple.
 -1 cup fresh or frozen diced mango.
 -1 cup chopped kale or spinach
 -1 cup chilled coconut milk beverage
 -2 tablespoons pure Aloe Vera gel (Look for pure edible aloe vera gel /juice)
4. Blend well in a mixer and serve chilled.
Relish 1-2 times a week for astonishing results !

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Lustrous Hair - One Ingredient to Avoid !

1. Main composition of our hair is protein which is often deficient in vegetarian diets.
2. Refined sugar is harmful for the hair, it’s excess intake results in hair thinning.
3. The daily recommended allowance for sugar is 6 teaspoons a day.
4. Excess sugar intake reduces protein absorption causing hair thinning.
5. Excess sugar intake results in increase of empty calories thereby reducing amount of micro nutrients like zinc, magnesium.

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Lustrous Hair - One Ingredient To Avoid

Acne Prone skin - a few Home Hacks !

1. The best way to reduce acne inflammation is to ice them. This calms the skin & reduces irritation.
2. Always shampoo & condition your hair before washing your face with a face wash – the ingredients in shampoo may clog pores.
3. To prevent & reduce blackheads use hot towel on your face and then use a salicylic acid face wash.
4. Moisturize damp skin for better hydration – acne prone skin needs moisture too.

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Antiperspirant - When should you apply ?

1. A deodorant helps with the odour from sweat vis-à-vis an antiperspirant which blocks the sweat glands.
2. Antiperspirants are best applied on dry & clean underarms. Applying immediately after a shower will not help to plug the sweat glands.
3. The best option is to apply at night on dry & clean armpits to reduce sweat !

Beat the heat & sweat this summer !

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Facts about Oral Collagen !

1. Collagen is a protein present in our body & is vital for hair, skin, gut, nail, muscle & joints’ health.
2. Duration of intake depends on area of need. A quick guide –
– Skin – 3 months
– Muscle – 3 months
– Bones – 6 months
– Joints – 4 to 6 months
– Hair -12 months
– Nails – 24 months
3. Preferred collagen for skin, hair & nails is type 1 & 3.

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Facts about Oral Collagen

Serums - How to Use for Optimal Results !

1. A serum is a pulse dose of active ingredients to give a boost to your skin. Most of these have fluidic texture for better absorption.
2. They must be the first contact to your skin after cleansing followed by moisturizer & sunscreen.
3. Day-safe serums are Vit C, E & HA vis-à-vis Retionol & hydroxy acids which are for night applications.
4. The serum choice should be need based- Dehydrated skin – HA ; Blemish – Vit C ; Acne – Hydroxy acids ; Anti aging – Retinol.
5. For best results, get your skin appropriate regime curated by your Doctor.

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Serums - How To Use For Optimal Results

The Magic of LED (Light Emitting Diode)

1. The red LED light (wavelength of 600nm to 650 nm )treatment is a boon to modern day skin care.
2. Red LED therapy helps to reduce inflammation & increases cellular energy. It is therefore good in acne management & collagen production.
3. It can be used post skin procedures to calm the skin.
4. Weekly In-clinic LED treatments can do wonders for the skin.

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Know the A to Z about Retinol & Skin Care !

1. Retinol is a Vit-A derivative.
2. Benefits – Anti-aging, pigmentation, increases skin turnover, boosts collagen & improves skin texture.
3. It should be applied at night since sunlight breaks Retinol & increases skin sensitivity.
4. It needs to be eased into the skin care with a low dose, 1-2 times a week before building up to a daily night ritual reaching an optimal dose.
5. It usually takes at least 4-6 weeks for showing significant results. Retinol must be used under medical supervision for getting the best results.

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Know The A To Z About Retinol & Skin Care

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for those Expressive Eyes !

1. The eyebrow shape & slant is quite important for a youthful face.
2. While drawing or threading your brows the natural eyebrow peak must be maintained.
3. The first way to find this is where the hair direction changed – upwards to downwards. Usually the junction of central 2/3 to outer 1/3 of brow.
4. The second way is to place a pencil from the nostril to the outer iris border.
5. In-Clinic procedures are also available to achieve an aesthetic brow shape.

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1. Apply a mixture of 1 teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar & water on your scalp. A pre-treatment to clean the build up.
2. Use an oil of your choice to massage the scalp. Start from nape of neck to crown. Don’t forget behind the ears area. Massage for approx 4 mins.
3. Finally shampoo & condition after 1 hour.
4. A great way for a healthy scalp & hair.

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Happy Holi - Skin, Nail & Hair essentials before the fun !

1. Use almond oil or moisturizer generously on exposed area followed by water proof sunscreen.
2. Apply nail paint on finger & toe nails before playing with colour. It will help prevent staining .
3. Apply Vaseline on feet, elbows & nails just before stepping out to play.
4. Use hair oil on scalp & hair to protect them from any damage from colour.

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Why You Shouldn’t Give up on Your Skin Care..?

1. Firstly get a skin care appropriate to your skin from your doctor.
2. Patience is the key to success – all active ingredients have a specific time frame to start showing results.
3. Most skin care ingredients start showing results after 2 weeks of application & significant improvement is visible after approx 2 months.
4. Skin care is a process – it needs to be practiced long term to yield best clinical results.

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Treated Tresses Need Extra Moisture!

Consider a DIY hair mask for colour treated & dry hair –
1. Mix 1 tablespoon honey with one tablespoon olive oil. Honey moisturises & olive oil nourishes with Vit A, E & fatty acids.
2. Apply the mask on the scalp & run a comb through your hair for equal distribution. For best results apply on damp hair.
3. Cover with a shower cap for 15 minutes.
4. Shampoo & condition.
5. Repeat weekly for maintaining optimal results.

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Pumice Stone - how to use it effectively!

1.It is an exfoliating tool only for the feet.
2.Soak both the stone & your feet in water before use .
3.Rub the heels & sides of the feet in a circular motion. Soak & repeat again .
4.Stop once the skin feels soft, as the process is complete.
5. Always soak & wash the stone after use as the porous stone may trap dead skin.
6. Do not share a pumice stone. It is not to be used by diabetic patients & on infected feet.

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The Neck needs TLC Too !

1. The neck, hands & décolleté are the areas which give away your age !
2. The neck skin is thinner needing more moisturizer & sunscreen even indoors.
3. Anti-ageing ingredients to consider – Niacinamide & Retinol for night application.
4. Neck & Décolleté masks – once a week.
5. Treatment options – Laser refurfacing, photofacials & Botox.

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Maintain Hydration for Holistic Health !

1. Loading dose of water early morning is excellent – 2 glasses plain water or with flavours of your choice.
2. Add a green smoothie to your breakfast – spinach, kale, etc have fibre to hold more water.
3. Add hydrating snacks in your routine – Chia & flax seeds, cucumber, pomegranates, etc which can hold water in gel form.
4. Drink a glass of water before every meal.
Stay hydrated & healthy !!

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Magic Ingredient for your Hair !

1. Retinol – a vitamin A derivative is popularly known for its anti-ageing properties for the skin, whereas it can do wonders for hair too.
2. Retinoids can be beneficial for both – the hair & scalp. The best is – tretinoin or retinoid.
3. This can help in improving the scalp condition & even promoting hair growth.
4. Retinol helps in increasing the scalp penetration thus making it more receptive to the nutrients.

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Pat or Massage - what is the best technique to apply skin care ?

1. Skin care regime often involves different steps how to apply – A circular fingertip massage vs palm press approach.
2. Circular massage stimulates blood circulation as we penetrate the product, it’s a perfect application technique. Just be gentle as to not cause inflammation.
3. Exception areas – under eye where pat press is better for the thin skin.
4. Face oils also are best with a pat press approach.

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Detox Glowing Skin - a simple Recipe !

– 1 small banana (add just 1/2 if you’re watching sugar)
– 2 cups fresh kale or baby spinach : rich in vitamin B, C, E, potassium, iron, calcium & magnesium
– 1 cup pomegranate juice (fresh or bottled) : rich in polyphenol antioxidants
– 1/2 cup yogurt : rich in polyphenol antioxidants, protein
– 1/2 cup blueberries (frozen) : Antioxidant
– 1/2 cup water or ice cubes
– Chia or Flax seeds : essential fatty acids

Mix all ingredients, blend & enjoy !
All these ingredients work on skin tightening, brightening & cleansing – once a week is the best !

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The Magic of Rice Water for your Tresses !

1. Simply submerge rice in water & rinse once. Submerge again but don’t throw away the water.
2. Store this water to ferment for 12 -24 hours. After using shampoo & conditioner, rinse hair with this rice-water & wait for 5 minutes. Go for the final rinse with clean water.
3. This coats the hair with vitamins, minerals & inositol.
4. It leaves the hair smooth, silky & nourished.
5. The starchy water from boiled rice can also be used as a conditioner.

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Do We All Need the Same Skin Care Routine ? One step to assess before adding to your routine.

1. One glove size doesn’t fit all – is true for our skin care regime also.
2. CTM – cleansing, toning, moisturising is not always the correct steps. A toner is a good skin step for oily & acne prone skin only.
3. Alcohol based toners strip the skin from natural oils & can cause a dehydrated skin, if not required.
4. For normal to dry skin look for a non- alcohol based toner.
5. The best natural toner is – Rose water !

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Welcome 2021 with the Best Learnings for Skin Care from 2020 !

1. Your skin care needs an exfoliating cleanser, Vit C serum, moisturiser & sunscreen in the morning and a retinol serum at night.
2. Hand care to prevent dryness – an antimicrobial hand wash rather than soap, a fragrance free moisturiser after wash & cotton gloves at night to seal the moisture.
3. The best fabric to use as a mask to prevent “maskne” or acne under a mask is Silk !
4. Expensive products needn’t be the best ! The selection criteria should be – ‘what suits your skin’.

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Happy New Year Home prep for your New Year Bash !

1. You can play your favourite music & an aroma candle to relax.
2. Double Cleanse – An oil cleanse to remove the grime from your face without drying the skin followed by a cleansing lotion.
3. Papaya Pack – Papaya is a great fruit to deal with textured skin. It is filled with enzymes which help in clearing out the skin, getting it rid of the dead skin cells while leaving a gorgeous glow.
All you need:- ½ a papaya, 1 teaspoon honey, ½ teaspoon of lime juice.
Cut the papaya into small pieces & mash it up with a fork.
Add lemon & honey to this paste like form.
Stir thoroughly to get a thick paste.
Apply it over your face & neck and leave it for 15 minutes.
Use lukewarm water to get rid of the mask & make sure to moisturize.

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The Mantra - To Manage your Skin in this Prolonged Stay at Home Lifestyle !

1. We have been home & casual with our care – dull skin, frizzy hair, weight gain….
2. Dryness due to cold weather & polluted air can be addressed with an air purifier cum humidifier.
3. Mask-acne is common. Use a salicylic acid face wash every evening & a weekly face mask.
4. Dullness, wrinkles & pigmentation is high due to long term blue light exposure. A broad spectrum sunscreen & moisturiser can help extensively.

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Simple Ways to Prevent Winter Hair Damage....

1. Use of room heaters, hair dryers, etc during winters brings in dryness. Usage of such appliances should be minimised.
2. Colour treated hair needs extra care in the cold weather. The dryness further damages the already weak colour treated hair shaft. Use of sulphate free shampoo & conditioner should be encouraged.
3. Avoid exposing wet hair to outside cold temperatures. If you need to step out wear a cap.
4. To minimise frizz, keep your hands out of your hair. At-home masks & overnight serums act as great saviours.

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Natural Oral Humidifier to Improve Skin Moisture Levels !

1. Our skin feels dry and parched during the winter & humidifier are advised to reduce transepidermal water loss.
2. To control water loss we can strengthen our skin barrier – to lock the moisture.
3. Oral ceramides can help strengthen the skin barrier reducing water loss.
4. Supplements with phytocermides (plant-based ceramides) are also helpful to tend to our skin barrier.

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The Best Way to Clean your Face Mask !

1. It is mandatory to wear a clean mask for prevention of corona virus.
2. Reusing the same mask can encourage bacteria leading to acne & clogged pores.
3. Washing cloth masks with your face cleanser is a good option provided it is non-oil based & does not have Benzoyl peroxide.
4. You can use mild fragrance free detergents & hot water as an alternative.

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Good Hair days..Always!

1. Fenugreek seeds are high in protein and nicotinic acid content, good for combating dandruff & hair fall.
2. The seeds also aid in moisturizing the hair, restoring luster & sheen.
3. Clinical studies show use of fenugreek seeds improves density of hair.
4. They can be consumed orally and can also be applied on the scalp after soaking overnight & grinding into a paste.

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Three Important Aspects to Consider before Deciding Your Skin Care Routine !

1. Determine your skin type –
Oily – Avoid oil based products & turn to polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) Sensitive – Use products free of sulfates, parabens, soap, alcohol, & dye.
Dry skin – Avoid drying alcohols, astringents & focus on moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin & ceramides.
Combination – use area specific products.
2. Your sleep-time – 6-8 hours is essential for active skin care products to work – Night creams, Repair creams.
3. Lifestyle – Blue light exposure, sunlight exposure needs mineral sunscreens & oral antioxidants.

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Happy Skin Care Month ! The 4 Mantras to live by to celebrate good skin -

1. Beauty starts from within – oral antioxidants like Astraxanthin can stimulate the cellular energy and create better skin moisture level & elasticity.
2. The natural skin microbiome helps build the immune system. Avoid harsh sulfates and surfactants that strip the skin & alter your pH, use high-quality natural emollients to help nourish good bacteria & microbes.
3. Give it time to heal – Acne, Pigmentations, Redness – the skin has the ability to self heal. Medical procedures actually stimulate healing by causing a wound.
4. Mental health impacts the skin – Inflammation like acne, rosacea are more severe in stress. The skin looks dull as we age faster with stress because cortisol breaks collagen !

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Prepare for the Festivities with a Quick DIY Face Mask !

1. An instant glow DIY face mask the night before a big day.
2. Ingredients – 2 Teaspoons Raw Honey, 1-2 Teaspoon Lemon Juice.
3. Apply the mixture & allow to sit for 20-30 minutes then rinse.

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An Age Old Japanese Secret for Glowing Skin and Shiny Hair !

1. Rice bran oil from the rice husk is an age old Japanese wonder ingredient.
2. It Contains rich levels of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, & proteins especially gamma oryzanol, a potent antioxidant.
3. A gentle oil ideal for dehydrated, flaky, delicate, mature or fragile skin where extra moisturization is needed.
4. It moisturizes hair, adds sheen & luster to individual hair fibers without weighing it down.

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What is the best Oil for your Hair....

1. Coconut oil – Dry, Damaged, for hair growth & split ends. 30 min before wash.
2. Argon oil- Damaged, oily hair, excellent protection against sunlight & UV rays.
3. Jojoba oil – Dandruff. It has anti microbial properties & oil balancing properties.
4. Sweet Almond Oil – For hair loss. It helps in mineral deficient hair & stimulates hair growth.
5. Olive Oil – Frizzy Hair. It is hydrating & protective.
6. Lemongrass oil – Dandruff
7. Grape seed oil – Brittle & weak hair as it stimulates linoleic acid production to add shine & strength to your hair.
For best results use the oil at night as there is no exposure to sun.

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Did you know Aerated Drinks can Harm your Skin....

1. Fizzy aerated drinks can trigger acne, dullness & even eczema.
2. The high sugar content is the culprit, it triggers inflammation & can cause acne.
3. It can also lead to wrinkles, dullness & sagging.
4. The highly acidic nature of aerated drinks can trigger acne.

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Use a Toner for Radiant Skin !

1. Toners have been known to be helpful… for oily & acne prone skin. However it has many more benefits.
2. Toners are used to remove excessive oil, balance & restore the skin PH and get fresh skin.
3. Other added benefits are – it removes traces of dirt, oil & makeup.
4. A toner gives best results when applied after face wash & before moisturizer.
5. Must consider a toner for oil free, rejuvenated skin.

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Use A Toner For Radiant Skin

Best way to take your Daily Dose of Collagen...

1. Oral collagen has great benefits for skin, hair, nails & joints. As we age supplementing collagen is a good idea.
2. A delicious Blueberry Smoothie adds to the anti-aging benefits, as blueberries are very rich in antioxidants.
3. Mix 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 banana, 1 Spoon Chia seeds, 1 Spoon almond butter, 1/2 cup Almond milk & 2 scoops collagen powder. Blend nicely & drink chilled.
4. It is a powerhouse of nutrients with anti-aging benefits.

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Beauty Benefits of Yogurt !

1. Yogurt alone is a great face mask because it has lactic acid for general exfoliation.
2. To make the best of it Greek Yogurt is recommended for probiotic benefit.
3. Ingredients –
1 Tbsp yogurt (plain & full-fat)
1 Tbsp. oatmeal flour
½ tsp. honey (great for added hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits)
1 mashed strawberry (for antioxidants and fruit enzymes)
Mix all the ingredients well into a paste and apply on the face for 10 mins.
Allow it to dry and wash off with cold water.

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Beauty Benefits Of Yogurt

Facial in a Glass !

1. No matter what you apply on your face, it can never match the efficacy of oral essential nutrients.
2. These 8 essentials should always be considered for skin supplementation – Vit A, Biotin, Vit C, Vit E, Omega 3 fatty acids, Collagen, Glutathione & Turmeric.
3. These can be beneficial as antioxidants, skin boosters, anti inflammatory & oral sunscreens.
4. Liquid supplements always absorb better & can give excellent long term benefits.

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How to deal with Lip Deflation as we Age !

1. As we age our body produces less collagen than what is required. Collagen forms 30 % of our body protein and 70 % of the skin protein. We must add oral collagen to our diet.
2. Other contributors of deflation of lips are sun damage, smoking and oxidative stress.
3. Oral collagen intake, using a sunblock and taking oral antioxidants prove really helpful.
4. Lip plumpers topically or HA fillers are excellent solutions.
5. Keeping lips hydrated & hydration lip treatments can also be of great help !

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Skin Care Regime - as per Age Group !

1. 20’s – Need to use a sunscreen and a cleanser daily. Consider adding antioxidant like Vit-C serum, AHA or BHA serum at night.
2. 30’s – Need some anti-aging in addition. A Retinol and an AHA or BHA serum at night. Preferably include in-clinic chemical peels, photofacials in the routine.
3. 40’s – Need more hydration. HA based serums, antioxidant serums. In-clinic customised anti aging solutions should be included in the regime.
4. 50’s – More focus on collagen. Oral collagen & antioxidant intake. Peptide skin care regime preferred. Include in-clinic customised treatments as per skin type & requirements in the routine.

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It's National Hair Fall Month ! How to prevent Frizz this Monsoon -

1. Use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Prefer products with ingredients like Aloe and Argan oil.
2. Be gentle with your wet tresses treat them like your cashmere sweater… don’t rub rigorously with a towel, squeeze & dab with a cotton T-shirt or cloth.
3. Use a serum to untangle your hair when they are semi-dry.
4. Use a cream or serum on styled dry hair to keep your tresses hydrated.
5. Use a blow dryer to straighten your damp hair, will help the cuticles from swelling.

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It' S National Hair Fall Month ! How To Prevent Frizz This Monsoon

DIY - Deep Conditioning for your Hair !

1. Once a fortnight scalp & hair care can help hair texture and fall.
2. Use 1/2 cup softened Shea Butter & add 3 table spoons of coconut oil.
3. Add 2 tablespoons of argan oil.
4. To this add a few drops of rosemary oil & tea tree oil.
5. Apply the mix from scalp to tip & leave it on for 45 minutes.
6. Rinse off to get smooth tresses.

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Some help to speed the process to weight loss isn’t a bad idea !

1. As our age increases our metabolism gets sluggish.
2. There is encouraging research showing Oolong tea once a day can increase metabolism upto 2.9 per cent ! An additional 281 calories a day.
3. This hot tea once a day can help you get the additional boost.

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Some Help To Speed The Process To Weight Loss 'T A Bad Idea

The 1-2-3 of using Hand Sanitizers

Correctly – as directed by the WHO –

1. Get enough hand sanitizer to cover all surfaces of the hand. A palm full is usually sufficient.
2. Ensure that the sanitizer is FDA approved, with all necessary specifications. Be sure to lavish it on the entire hands, don’t forget the back of the hands & between the fingers.
3. You are supposed to rub your sanitizer drenched hands for 20-30 seconds, allowing it to dry to ensure proper action. Do not touch other surfaces until hands are completely dry, as we end up transferring the sanitizer, not getting adequate protection.

Practice to avoid the 3 most common mistakes – not using enough product, skipping surfaces & not pausing to let it dry !

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The 1-2-3 Of Using Hand Sanitizers Correctly-as Directed By The WHO

Facial Cleansing - are Wipes the best solution ?

1. Makeup wipes and makeup cleansers have almost the same ingredients.
2. The difference is we wash our face with water after using a cleanser but not after a wipe.
3. The ingredients on the wipe stay on as irritants to our skin and may cause eczema or trigger rosacea.
4. So wipes are only for emergencies and ideally should be followed up with a water rinse.

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Facial Cleansing - Are Wipes The Best Solution

A small trick to reduce Open Pores before Make Up !

1. Open pores are difficult to deal with, especially before make-up as they prevent a smooth finish to your results.
2. Fresh Alovera gel frozen as ice cubes can be the best solution.
3. Remove Aloe Vera gel from the plant & freeze it in a ice cube tray.
4. Rub the ice cube on face & neck for 15 minutes twice a month and also for 5 minutes just before make-up application.

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A Small Trick To Reduce Open Pores Before Make Up

Azaleic Acid - the ingredient to look for in your Skin Care !

1. It is a natural acid which is derived from yeast.
2. It has anti- microbial, de-pigmenting & anti-inflammatory properties.
3. It is used for sensitive, acne prone, red & pigmented skin.
4. Its best application is in serum form at night.

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Azaleic Acid - The Ingredient To Look For In Your Skin Care

A DIY trick for the - 'oh so dry' hands !

Excess washing during these times has led to very dry and sore hands. A quick fix to the problem
1. Mix – 2 Tablespoons of sugar, 1 lemon & 2 teaspoons of olive oil.
2. Massage this mix on the hands for 2 minutes & leave on for 10 minutes.
3. Rinse with water.
This can be done twice a week for softer, moisturised hands.

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This Famous Cuppa Can Be A Boon For The Scalp

Some Superfoods to ease the Journey of Weight Loss !

As we age the metabolism gets sluggish and we need to work harder to burn calories.
– Some superfoods when added to your diet can increase metabolism upto 8 per cent.
– Red Chillies :hot_pepper: can help add the ingredient to your diet.
– Apple Cider vinegar 1-2 teaspoons a day. The acetic acid in the product is a metabolism enhancer.
– Squash is another vegetable with a low glycemic index, which regulates blood sugar levels & pushes metabolism.
– Celery is a good source of fibre and acts as a stimulant.
Remember Abs are made in the Kitchen and not the Gym !

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Make your own Sheet Mask ! DIY pamper and Skin Care !

1. Take a muslin cotton cloth.
2. Cut out the facial features on the cloth – eyes, nose, mouth.
3. Boil camomile tea or rice water as your base – both have excellent anti – ageing benefits.
4. Add other magic ingredients to the fluid like face serum, lemon, essential oils – whatever suits your skin.
5. Dip the muslin cloth on the mixture for a few minutes, drain out the excessive fluid and apply the mask.
6. Sit back and enjoy for 15-20 minutes.

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Always wearing Face Masks ... your Face needs special care !

1. A cloth mask is more gentle on your skin and preferred. Disposable masks if used need to be changed daily and not reused.
2. Increased pressure on the nose, ears and chin can cause Chafing or redness.
3. Excessive sweating behind the mask causes increased sebum production which may lead to acne.
4. Wash your face with a moisturising cleanser before and after wearing a mask. Use emollient cream or healing cream on the nose, ears and chin where the mask touches the face.
5. Wash your cloth mask with a gentle soap daily… detergent residues on the mask can trigger acne so be sure to clean throughout.

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This Drink every Morning can Clear Our Skin from Impurities !

Hibiscus Tea
– One hot drink we must consider adding to our morning routine.
– A great source of vitamin A, B1, B2, C, Zinc, Iron & Omega-3 fatty acids. It also has natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that are absolutely essential for maintaining healthy & glowy skin. It helps us get rid of our skin impurities.
– Hibiscus is also known for its exceptional antioxidant properties that gives us skin elasticity, anti-aging benefits & free radical protection. It enhances our optimal skin health.

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Are you dealing with Excessive Oil in your Hair this Lockdown..?

1. Stress can induce excessive cortisol secretions leading to more sebum production, causing dandruff, break-outs and evening seabhorric dermatitis.
2. Tying hair in a bun the whole day, infrequent washing, too much dry shampoo can aggravate the situation.
3. Solution is to wash 2 times a week with anti- dandruff shampoo.
4. Keep stress at bay, workout everyday, add antioxidants to the diet.

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Are you missing your Pedicure !

Here is a DIY option…

1. Dry, cracked feet with callus are common when we are not taking proper care – no pedicures.
2. Overuse of the Pumice stone can worsen the situation, as can walking bare feet.
How to make a DIY foot peel –

  • 2 cups apple cider vinegar
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda

Scrub – Coarse granulated sugar, sea salt, or epsom saltLemon juice Soak your feet in the solution for 20 mins and then use the scrub to exfoliate. Finally moisturize.

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Tighten & Lift hooded Eye Lid Skin - Visible Results in as little as 15 min !

1. Wash hands thoroughly before applying
2. With a cotton bud or lash glue brush, soak the tip throughly in the egg white
3. Apply two coats of the egg white just above the skin crease
4. Lift the skin while applying with the brush and hold for 30 seconds until it dries
5. Leave the egg white on the eyelids for 15 to 20 minutes
6. Wash the egg white off and repeat every two days.

#skincare #aging #skin #face #drreemaarora #reemaarora #dr #doctor #body #tip #tipoftheweek #aesthetic #aesthetics #hauzkhas #delhi

Tighten & Lift Hooded Eye Lid Skin

Your Face as a Window to your Health !

– Acne at different facial zones indicate specific cause.
1. Forehead acne- dirty hair or dandruff could exacerbate the sweat and oil clogging the pores, thereby worsening acne breakouts on the forehead.
2. Cheeks- many things come in contact to this area, pillow cases, bed sheets , makeup sponges indicating need to maintain and clean the articles.
3. Jawline / Chin – This zone indicates hormonal imbalance and maybe birth control pill use.
4. Nose and T – Zone – indicates the oily zone and needs separate care than rest of the face.

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Your Face As A Window To Your Health

We need to build Our Immunity Try this Vit-C treat!

1.Vitamin-C is a go-to ingredient – To fight free radical, oxidative stress & build our Immunity.
2. It helps in pneumonitis, anti-ageing, cardiac health.
3. Not only citrus fruits but spinach, cauliflower, guava, papaya are rich sources.

Ingredients for a Vit C blast

  • 1 bell pepper (yellow)
  • 1 handful of turnip greens
  • 1 pint strawberries (fresh)
  • 1 guava (fresh)

Wash well and blend – drink this delicious concoction immediately for the best nutritional benefits!

#skincare #aging #skin #face #drreemaarora #reemaarora #dr #doctor #body #tip #tipoftheweek #aesthetic #aesthetics #hauzkhas #delhi#TUESDAYTIP

We Need To Build Our Immunity Try This Vit-C Treat

The five Glow Foods - Glow from within while you are at home !

1. Greens – spinach, cucumber, green peppers – very rich in vitamins and minerals .
2. Healthy fats – such as oily fish, avocado & leafy greens. These help reduce wrinkles and make the skin firm – a result of strong skin cells.
3. Proteins – Salmon, nuts – One of the most important elements in building strong, healthy skin.
4. Herbs and Spices – turmeric, rosemary, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, and cilantro – these have proven anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that promote skin health.
5. Adequate water intake – improves skin thickness and density.

#skincare #aging #skin #face #drreemaarora #reemaarora #dr #doctor #body #tip #tipoftheweek #aesthetic #aesthetics #hauzkhas #delhi

Tumeric home care face mask for Acne !

– Try this tumeric face mask recipe if you’re suffering from acne. It will soothe, smooth and reduce redness.
1. Mix 1 tablespoon of raw honey with 1 tablespoon Turmeric powder.
2. Add a few drops of lemon juice and mix into a thick paste (it will have a similar consistency to a mild scrub).
3. Apply to the skin, focusing on your T Zone and breakout areas and use as an exfoliate.
4. Rinse off with warm water after 10-15 minutes.

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Constant hand washing can lead to Extremely Dry Hands !

1. In the current Corona Pandemic we are advised to regularly wash our hands & use alcohol based formulas.
2. It results in excessive dryness, even sore, cracked, & weeping skin in some cases.
3. Carry non-fragrant hand cream at all times to get into the habit of moisturizing after every hand-wash. Fragrant creams should be avoided, they can further cause irritation and eczema.
4. Prefer cotton gloves over the moisturised hands at night, for longer contact.
5. Try to use protective rubber gloves while doing chores at home.
6. Adequate water intake can surely help.

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Why Turmeric Is A Magic Ingredient in Skin Care!

1. Ingesting Tumeric and applying it topically, will deliver different results.
2. Curcumin(the active ingredient in turmeric) is a fantastic anti-inflammatory ingredient when used topically for active acne, acne scars.
3. Tumeric can work as an incredible antioxidant for our overall body health if taken orally on a daily basis. Look for Nano preparation for better absorption.

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Skin-Care benefits of Facial Massage !

1. Facial massage increases oxygen flow to the skin, which helps to produce collagen.
2. Lymphatic drainage reduces fluid retention & aids natural detoxification, thereby helping diminish blackheads and congestion.
3. Oil like jojoba or grapeseed, are perfect for facial massage.
4. One can use hands, jade rollers or gua shah tools. At least 5 min a day is recommended !

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Skin-Care Benefits Of Facial Massage

Appearance of your Nails is a mirror to your Health !

1. Brittle nails can have many causes—age, diet, wearing polish for too long.
2. Collagen can support healthy nail growth. One study found improvement in patients who took collagen daily for 24 weeks.
3. Avoid hand sanitizers, especially alcohol-based as they can cause intense drying.
4. Too much water exposure and soaking nails damages cuticles.
5. Use gloves while doing household chores.
6. Use moisturizer, sunscreen & exfoliate regularly.

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Appearance Of Your Nails Is A Mirror To Your Health

How to deal with an Itchy Scalp?

1. It may be scalp acne – maybe due to dandruff, sebbhoric dermatitis, stress, dirty scalp or nose picking.
2. Stick to gentle shampoo with an anti dandruff option only once a week.
3. Avoid heavy conditioners, perfumes styling product. Improve your diet minimising dairy & drinking more water.
4. Add an astringent like vinegar or apple cider vinegar before shampoo. Clean scalp with this once a week.

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This Famous Cuppa Can Be A Boon For The Scalp

Mint the Wonder ingredient !

1. Peppermint helps prevent acne and pimples by controlling your skin’s excess oil secretion and soothes your skin.
2. A mixture of apple cider vinegar, water and a few drops of peppermint essential oil makes for a great skin clearing and refreshing toner.
3. Peppermint oil mixed with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil can help improve blood circulation. It stimulates hair follicles, improves hair growth and helps with dandruff.

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Mint The Wonder Ingredient

A DIY Bath Soak For Relaxation & Decongestion !

1. A bath infused with chamomile tea and eucalyptus oil can offer relief from that stuffy nose and body ache.
2. Eucalyptus’ menthol scent opens nasal passages to relieve congestion. And chamomile’s floral aroma eases anxiety while its flavonoids absorb into skin to soothe cold-related aches.
3. 2 chamomile tea bags in 2 cups of boiling water, add 1 tsp. of eucalyptus essential oil. Pour into bathwater and soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

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A DIY Bath Soak For Relaxation & Decongestion

Intermittent Fasting - lesser known Health benefits !

1. It existed in Ayurveda and is given just a new name. Ashtang Sangrah eat from sunrise to sunset.
2. It aids weight loss & fasting boosts metabolism.
3. It modulates blood glucose & insulin, so reduces insulin resistance, a cause of many problems like acne, PCOD etc.
4. Reduces body inflammation & also improves sleep.

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This Famous Cuppa Can Be A Boon For The Scalp

A Snack to prevent Acne..!

Jacne or pimples can occur at any age and any stage of life. We have been hearing certain foods may cause acne. Surprisingly some foods can prevent the occurrence. Figs, Olives and Plum

1. Figs are packed with inflammation-fighting and detox-promoting antioxidants. It provides a range of minerals for skin health including potassium – a vital electrolyte to keep your skin hydrated.
2. Olives have a unique blend of powerful components called polyphenols. The specific polyphenols in olives have actually been shown to lower systemic inflammation in the body .The powerful antioxidants and oils with Vit A and E are good for the skin and hair, giving us a glowing appearance.
3. Anthocyanins present in the skin of plums give skin glowing properties by protecting your skin from damage, and helping to control inflammation, calming skin redness. The high vitamin C content in plums make them an anti acne food.

A Snack To Prevent Acne

Jojoba Oil - A Magic Ingredient !

Jojoba oil being the closest in construction to the human sebum is a natural replacement for it. It contains all the vitamins vital for the skin – Vitamins B, E & also minerals – zinc & copper. It’s great for the skin and hair.

1. It works as a perfect moisturizer without clogging pores.
2. It acts as a lip softener, reduces chapped & cracked lips.
3. It is a natural sunscreen and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
4. It is a good makeup remover and shampoo conditioner.

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This Famous Cuppa Can Be A Boon For The Scalp

The Neck Area needs TLC too !

1. The skin on the neck is thinner than the face, similar to that of the delicate eye area, more prone to sun damage and ageing.
2. The single most prominent reason for neck ageing is the accumulative sun exposure over the years and lack of sun protection. Years of spraying perfume can also lead to discolouration and a blotchy appearance.
3. Always wear sunscreen SPF30. Invest in antioxidant serums (e.g. vitamin C, vitamin E, ferulic acid, resveratrol) which limit free radical damage. Use a night-time retinoid product.

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This Famous Cuppa Can Be A Boon For The Scalp

Lymphatic Massage Detox !

1. The lymphatic system is part of our circulatory system that takes away toxins.
2. With increased oxidative stress and sedentary life style we need to boost our lymphatic system to detox ourselves.
3. Benefits- Boosts immunity, flushes toxins, reduces cellulite, energises, skin glows, lose inches and weight as a byproduct of all this !
4 . It can be done at clinics with specialized machines.

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This Famous Cuppa Can Be A Boon For The Scalp

Are you Moisturising your skin well ?

1. The function of a moisturiser is to regulate the skin’s natural moisture barrier either by providing water in the outermost layer( humactant) or by preventing water loss ( oil based).
2. Apply serums and oils before moisturizer- work from thinnest to thickest. Occlusive ingredients form a barrier around the skin to seal in moisture, so any skincare ingredients applied on top of a moisturizer with occlusives will not penetrate the skin as effectively.
3. Apply on moist skin especially humactants to increase absorption.

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Are You Moisturising Your Skin Well

Serums - Are you using it the right way ?

1. Serums are liquid substances which have important ingredients to help your skin- Vit C, Retinol etc
2. We need to apply from thin to thick , a water based serum needs to be followed by a moisturizer to lock the serum and hydrate.
3. An oil based serum needs to be applied after a moisturiser because the ingredients are thicker .
4. Hyaluronic acid serums must be avoided in dry, cold climate because they need water to act.

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Your Hands are as Precious as your Face !

A pack that can help you achieve soft hands.
– Take 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar.
– Combine both of them in a bowl and rub on your hand for 3-4 minutes.
– Gently massage into your hands for another minute.
– Rinse it off, and your hands will become soft.
Try this once a fortnight…

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Your Hands Are As Precious As Your Face

Shake up your skincare this #NewYear !

1. Introduce an exfoliator to prep the skin and brighten, as it is the key to detoxify, pre & post – party.
2. Try an Enzyme hydrating mask which gently dissolves the dead skin cells and deeply hydrates the skin.
3. Usually the main effect of holidays is lack of sleep and hydration, so more masks and lots of HA.
4. Detox, pre & post-party, lymphatic drainage to fit in your new year dress !

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Are you using a Foam Face cleanser ? Is it the right choice?

1. Foaming products require foaming agents, all of which can be higher in alkaline than the skin (4.5 to 5.5 on the pH). Most foams are approx. 6, making them harsh and very stripping/drying. Ensure the PH of the cleanser is skin appropriate.
2. Ensure the formula contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) which is the super drying harmful ingredient, that acts as the foaming agent.
3. Look for natural moisturizing ingredients, like coconut derived or plant derived foaming agents.