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Eyebrow Lift Cost in Delhi | Non Surgical Eyebrow Lift Cost in India

However old you are, Botox Eyebrow Lift, helps avoid an over-arched brow because this is not only ageing but can also look contrived. Eyes are the windows to your soul. In fact, it can even draw attention to features such as fine lines and wrinkles. The brow is one of the first facial features to show tell-tale signs of ageing. Brows are also important features that communicate emotions and are key in our recognition of emotions. Brow Lift in  South Delhi & Botox can help low placed eyebrows which can make you look tired, angry or sad.

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Dr Reema Arora, an Expert in natural Brow Lift | Eyebrow Lift Without Surgery 

A natural brow lift with Dermal Fillers & Botox, can raise the eyebrows and restore a refreshed, more youthful appearance. Eyebrow lift can help frame the face with beautiful eyebrows makes one look fresher and younger. 

Eyebrow Lift  Treatments  –

If you are unhappy about an aged appearance in the area of your eyes, there are many nonsurgical alternatives for a Eyebrow lift. Non-surgical brow lift has emerged as a popular, easy and above all safe alternative to traditional surgical brow lift. It is possible to carry out a non-surgical brow lift with the use of Botox, Dermal Fillers (such as Juvéderm),  Threads (Thread Lift) and application of Energy based Devices. A combination of these treatments is usually curated for a more comprehensive and lasting result.  

Eyebrow Lift Cost in Delhi | #Non Surgical Eyebrow Lift Cost in IndiaEyebrow Lift Cost in Delhi | #Non Surgical Eyebrow Lift Cost in India


Advanced dermal filler techniques work by improving the contour to the brow, forehead and temple area. Hyaluronic acid replicates the lost collagen that keeps our skin looking youthful and vibrant. It gives Mother Nature a little helping hand. Hyaluronic acid fillers add volume to selected skin folds and wrinkles to make tired eyes, droppy eyelids and “crow’s” feet things of the past. Injecting dermal fillers into the skin is a method of restoring volume where it is depleted, or enhancing areas that lack volume. 


It restores the fullness of the upper eyelid.


A eyebrow lift with dermal fillers can be achieved by injecting the hyaluronic fillers into the area above the eyes to help restore the fullness of the upper eyelid. The fat around the upper eyelid and brow area is gradually lost with age, which can lead to a bony looking brow. Dermal fillers restore the volume of the skin in this area, giving a more youthful appearance.
These dermal fillers, such as JUVEDERM™, consist of hyaluronic acid which, when injected into precisely targeted areas, adds volume to the facial skin.

Dermal fillers will restore the volume of the skin. The effects of dermal fillers last from 9 to 12 months. You may feel some redness, bruising, swelling and mild lumpiness after the treatment.

Q. Who is a good candidate for the Filler Brow lift procedure?
A. Those who have begun to notice signs of ageing along their brow line are good candidates. Many patients opt for brow enhancement with dermal fillers as an alternative to brow lift surgery.
Q. How long does a filler Brow lift last?
A. The effects of Dermal Fillers generally last for up to 9-12-months.

Common side-effects include redness, bruising, swelling and mild lumpiness. These usually resolve within a few hours, but bruises may last a couple of days.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift

A non-surgical Eye Brow lift  can not only lift your eyebrows to restore a refreshed, more pleasing appearance but it will also boost your self-confidence. 

The Brow Lift with Botox treatment does not simply aim to freeze facial muscles and expression. Dr Reema Arora ,one of the best skin specialist in Delhi, will always adjust the dynamics between facial muscles to improve the aesthetics of the face for a natural look. An assessment of the corrugator muscle, located near each eyebrow is important before the procedure. Botox ix precisely injected directly into the muscle after ascertaining the strength and exact location of the corrugator muscle.  

A Botox® Eye Brow Lift treatment can help correct uneven or ‘droopy’ brows and give the illusion of a more youthful look by slightly opening up the area around the brows. Botox® injections can also be used to reduce forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet.

This is a procedure in which Botox ® is injected into the area around the brows to help lift and smooth the surrounding skin. Botox® is a nonsurgical procedure.

Botox® it should be noted is a temporary solution and the effects from the treatment will fade over time, however advantages include no scarring and no downtime.
Botox® will last for around four months before the procedure will need to be repeated. One of the advantages of Botox® is that the treatment is well established, approved by US FDA and the results are well documented. In addition to this, the treatment is fast acting, with the results appearing almost immediately. After the procedure Bruising sometimes happens where the needles are inserted into the skin.

Q. Who is a good candidate for the Botox® brow lift procedure?
A. If you have sagging eyebrows or the position of the eyebrows is lower than the orbit then you are most certainly a suitable candidate.
Q. How long does a Botox® brow lift last?
A. The effects of Botox generally wear off within 4-5 months.

Bruising is one of the most common side-effects of Botox®. However it is temporary..


Thread brow lift is a non-surgical minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. Thread brow lift can be used as a subtle option for other eye concerns such as a heavy brow, asymmetry and hooded lids.

Threads offer the unique ability to control and selectively lift sections of the brow. Threads offer a nice option for lifting just the outside of the brow, without distorting the Centre of the brow.

Threads consist of a dissolvable suture made from a complex sugar called PDO(polydioxanone), which has been used in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications for many years because of its extremely safe profile. The material is non-allergic and also non-antigenic and is also completely biodegradable, meaning the body completely absorbs the PDO material over time. 

PDO threads also stimulates the production of collagen, which helps to regenerate the skin over time by increasing firmness, volume and making skin look younger.

• Threads add volume
• Restore collagen
• Tighten the skin for the best result in a single treatment.

The treatment area is cleansed and a topical anaesthesia is used to numb the areas that are going to be treated. A small instrument (a thin cannula or needle) will be used to insert the threads below the skin. This entire process usually takes just 30 to 45 minutes, and the patient is free to return to work soon after.


Results of Threads are immediately visible, and will continue to improve over a period of 6 months, as they induce collagen production. You can expect your results to last up to 18 months.

Q. Who is a good candidate for the Thread Brow lift procedure?
A. People who have begun to notice signs of ageing along their brow line are ideal candidates. Many patients opt for brow lift with threads as an alternative to brow lift surgery.
Q. How long does a thread brow lift last?
You can expect your results to last up to 18 months, and can improve your results with a touch-up at 1 year.
Q. Is thread lift a safe procedure?
A. Yes, PDO Threads are completely safe, and have been FDA-Approved. The PDO Thread material has been used for years in dissolvable sutures, PDO Threads should completely dissolve within 6 months following their insertion, leaving behind new collagen in their place.

Patients may experience swelling or bruising at the site which lasts for a few days.

Semi-Permanent Brow Lift

As we age our eyebrows thin out and grey this gives us a tired and aged look. The solution is Eyebrow micro-blading and shaping. It can make a huge difference to your face. By using the correct shape and style, a great brow can help to frame your face by adding expression, warmth and depth.
Micro-blading is embroidery of small, precise strokes that mimic the effect of real hairs, and uses a special micro-blading pen to individually draw the strokes. Each of the strokes are so precise that your entire eyebrow shape can be reconstructed by replicating each hair at a microscopic level with the use of eyebrow tattooing. It is fast becoming a very popular procedure.
Patients who want to get Micro-blading in Delhi NCR clinics can ask Dr. Reema Arora about the various pre and post-procedure instructions. Females who tend to have scanty eyebrows and who desire thicker ones tend to love this procedure.

Pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine, similar to tattooing. In the last few years it has been hyped by the media as the latest technique for semi-permanent make-up for cosmetic eyebrow treatment. It produces ultra fine hair strokes to fill or create the perfect brows.

The end result is incredibly realistic and natural looking.

Q. How long will my micro-blading makeup last?
A. Semi permanent make up usually lasts between 1 to 3 years, depending on your age, skin type and the main factor, exposure to UV rays from the sun.
Q. Does it hurt?
A. With the help of topical anesthetics there is minimal discomfort. Some clients feel nothing more than a prickly sensation.
Q. Is it safe?
A. Yes, it’s totally safe.
Q. What will it look like after the procedure?
A. Immediately after the treatment the color will look slightly darker initially but will lighten down to the desired shade within 5-7 days.

The risks most commonly associated with tattoos include infection, an allergic reaction to the ink, swelling, rashes or scarring.

Eyebrow Lift Cost in Delhi | #Non Surgical Eyebrow Lift Cost in India