Polynucleotide Treatment for Dark Circles and Puffiness

Polynucleotide Treatment for Dark Circles and Puffiness

Polynucleotide Eye Treatment in Delhi – Polynucleotide Injections India

Are you tired of dealing with under-eye dark circles and puffiness? The Face Clinic, a premier super speciality aesthetic clinic located in New Delhi, India, offers a revolutionary Polynucleotide treatment to address these common concerns. Founded by Dr. Reema Arora, a renowned Rejuvenation Expert with over two decades of experience, The Face Clinic provides cutting-edge treatments to help you look and feel your best.

What Are Polynucleotide?

Polynucleotides are the basic units of DNA and RNA, playing a vital role in regenerative medicine. These natural molecules have deep compatibility with human DNA, making them an exceptional source for aesthetic treatments. At The Face Clinic, we harness the power of polynucleotides to rejuvenate the under-eye area, effectively treating dark circles and puffiness.

Effectiveness of Polynucleotide Treatment for Under-Eye Concerns

Polynucleotide treatment stands out for its superior efficacy in addressing under-eye issues. Unlike traditional treatments, it promotes deep skin rejuvenation, collagen enhancement, and antioxidant protection. This leads to improved skin texture, reduced pigmentation, and diminished puffiness, offering natural and long-lasting results.

How Is the Treatment Administered?

The treatment is minimally invasive and involves injecting polynucleotides into the under-eye area. It is crucial to have this procedure done by an expert doctor to ensure safety and optimal results. Dr. Reema Arora is widely known for her expertise in polynucleotide treatment..

Benefits of Polynucleotide Treatment

  • Safe and Natural: Derived from natural sources, polynucleotides are biocompatible and free from harmful side effects.
  • No Downtime: The treatment is quick, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Patients can enjoy rejuvenated under-eye areas for several months.
  • Effective: Visible reduction in dark circles and puffiness, leading to a more youthful appearance.

Ideal Candidates

This treatment is suitable for anyone experiencing under-eye dark circles, tear trough, puffiness and tired eyes, regardless of age or skin type. It is especially beneficial for those seeking a non-surgical solution with natural and lasting results for under eye rejuvenation.

Expected Results and Duration

Patients typically notice significant improvement in the under-eye area within a few weeks. The results can last for several months, with periodic maintenance sessions enhancing and prolonging the effects.


Anita S. “I was struggling with dark circles for years. After the polynucleotide treatment at The Face Clinic, my under-eye area looks brighter and more youthful. Thank you, Dr. Reema!”

Raj K. “The puffiness around my eyes has reduced significantly. Dr. Reema’s expertise in polynucleotide treatment is truly remarkable.”


  1. Is the treatment painful?No, the treatment is minimally invasive and involves little to no discomfort.
  2. How many sessions are required?Most patients see noticeable results after one session, but additional sessions may be recommended for optimal results.
  3. Are there any side effects?Polynucleotide treatment is safe and typically free from side effects due to its natural source.

Experience the transformative power of polynucleotide treatment for under-eye dark circles and take the first step towards a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.