Though every other person wants to be in the race for slimmer and sharper facial features, a plump bright face with chubby cheeks will always have its own beauty and attractiveness.

You can get plump and radiating cheeks naturally with some simple tips that can be used in no time.

Facial exercise: People who do 30-minutes of facial exercises daily for eight weeks get faces that are “firmer and more shaped like a younger face.”

Oils: Oil work as a natural moisturizer to our dead and tired skin.

Honey: Honey pulls moisture in from the outside environment and store it in the skin. By doing this, it gives our face more full appearance.

Aloe Vera: Massage aloe Vera gel directly onto your cheeks and allow it to soak in, to plump up the cheeks.

Apple juice: It can soothe the skin and lead to rosy cheeks!