Air Travel - Skin Care Alert !

1. Air travel makes our skin quite dehydrated. Low cabin air pressure, coupled with dry air in the aircraft leads to a humidity level of less than 20%, whereas our skin is comfortable at 40-70% humidity.
2. Our skin tries to over-compensate itself in such conditions which makes it look puffy, oily and prone to breakouts.
3. Preventative steps – start adequate moisturising & use hydrating sheet masks 4-5 days prior to travel.
4. Inflight skin protection with at least SPF 30 is important, as the sun is very harsh above the cloud cover.
5. Considering inflight sheet mask every 6 hours with moisturizer & serum application every 2-3 hours can help immensely.
6. Oral antioxidants should be started timely, to help the skin fight from the inside.
Remember to keep yourself well hydrated !