Avoid Sagging Post Weight Loss !

1. Weight loss if done properly can help us avoid undesirable skin sag & laxity.
2. Restricting the weight loss to less than 1 kg per week gives the skin enough time to recover.
3. Increase water intake – helps improve the skin appearance & boosts collagen synthesis. Skin’s moisture levels & moisture retention also improves which boosts the tightness of skin.
4. Following a balanced diet is a must – include essential minerals & Omega 3 fatty acids, these help to avoid skin sag.
5. Muscle strength exercises suggested by a professional will tone up the muscles & improve the appearance of skin.
6. Oral collagen intake & topical moisturizer along with Retinol can help boost the skin quality.
7. In-clinic treatments like RF & micro-needling can be considered for optimum results.