Defying Dark Spots !

1. Prevent with Protection: Shield your skin from UV radiation to avoid dark spots. Sunscreen is your armour, coupled with antioxidant-rich serums for optimal defense.
2. Target Pigmentation: Incorporate inhibitors like Kojic acid, Licorice root, Niacinamide, AHAs, BHAs, Retinol, Vitamin C & Arbutin for effective dark spot treatment.
3. Anti-Inflammatory Allies: Combat inflammation with soothing ingredients alongside active treatments to maintain skin health.
4. Choose Peels Over Lasers: Embrace chemical peels for a comprehensive solution to dark spots, offering pigment suppression and accelerated turnover.
5. Holistic Habits: Beyond skincare, adopt a nutrient-rich diet, stress management, ample sleep & skin-supporting supplements for overall skin wellness.