Dewised Skin - How to get this Trending Look !

1. ‘Dewised’ – the new Instagram buzz word is nothing but hydrated, healthy & glowing skin.
2. Steps to get this trending look at home – start with a deep cleanse, use a skin appropriate cleanser.
3. Next, use a good face mask which hydrates the skin. Look for Hyaluronic acid, this makes the skin look plump & healthy.
4. Add more hydration with a Hyaluronic acid serum after the pack.
5. Use a good moisturizer to seal the look. Add shine, the go to ingredients are Vit C & mandalic acid. Top it up with a wisely chosen SPF.
6. Finally, set the look with a Mist spray.
7. It’s important to ensure the products are approved by your doctor. Remember a good diet can help ensure a dewy skin from within !