Dry skin ? Maybe your Body needs this Vitamin !

1. Presently the weather is so dry that even moisturizer isn’t helping.
2. Dry skin at times may look flaky or red and stretchy, even oily at times due to excess oil production by the skin to combat dryness.
3. Irrespective of the appearance, the skin needs appropriate products which can suitably help. It’s important to get the right regime professionally.
4. A recent study revealed the importance of Vit D in skin moisture levels, people with adequate levels of Vit D had a more hydrated skin.
5. More than 85 per cent of our adult population is deficient in Vit D, irrespective of Sun exposure.
6. Thus ensuring that you are not Vit D deficient is important. In case of deficiency, adequate amount of right supplements will not only help the skin hydration, but strengthen bones & muscles also!