Easy Skin Care Product Guide !

1. When, where, how much, how long to use a skin care product can be a challenge. A simple guide ! 2. Vit-C serum – morning & evening, 6-8 drops if serum, a coin size quantity for a cream. To be used daily, after cleansing & toning, to be applied before the sunscreen. 3. Retinol – at night, before or after moisturizer, depending on the skin sensitivity. May be sandwiched with moisturizer. A pea size quantity for 1-2 times a week. 4. AHA, BHA – a pea size quantity, on alternate nights. Should be applied after cleansing & before the moisturizer. 5. Hyaluronic acid, Niacin-amide or ceramides – in the morning or evening or both the times, coin sized quantity, after cleansing & before the moisturizer.