Hair Loss Amidst Pollution !

1. Extreme pollution levels in most of the cities show serious ill effects on our skin, scalp & hair.
2. Fossil fuel is one of the major culprit, thus we are at serious risk of picking up metals like copper & iron, when we are near to vehicular polluted environment. These metals can severely damage the hair follicles.
3. Hair breakage, dryness, dullness & hair fall accentuates with the presence of free radicals in the polluted air.
4. Shampoo & conditioner do not suffice in such conditions, hair mask application prior to wash can provide necessary help to the scalp & hair.
5. Detangling serums should be preferred, these help to coat the hair for protection. Clarifying shampoos & topical scalp-antioxidants need to be added in the hair care regimen.
6. Periodic In-Clinic treatments are recommended for all-round hair & scalp health.