Open Pores- Can they Vanish ?

1. Open pores are the window of our skin, technically these are openings of the hair follicles which allow the sweat & sebum to release from the skin.
2. We all have around 20000 pores on our face & these always remain open ! Generally we can’t see them, it’s only when enlarged that they become visible.
3. A Large pore size may appear due to genetics, excessive sebum production, blockage with makeup, poor cleaning habits & use of non-medical grade skincare products !
4. We can minimise the size of the pores with good cleansing techniques, using sunblock regularly, a decent makeup primer before makeup, using cold compression for temporary shrinking & use of only medical grade skincare products.
5. In-clinic treatments can help clean the pore debris which reduces the pore size & most importantly prevents it’s further expansion !