Potent Anti-Aging Ingredients - Must Consider in your Diet after 40 !

1. Good skin starts from within, these food items can help in improved hydration & slow down ageing.
2. Bone broth – rich in Collagen & Hyaluronic acid, it gets broken down during digestion, however reassembles to help skin, hair, nails & blood vessels. HA always works better from within, as very less quantities get absorbed when we apply it’s serum.
3. Salmon fish is rich in astraxanthin, an excellent antioxidant. It help prevents skin ageing & sun damage.
4. Dark Chocolate, a treat for the diet conscious, is known to be rich in polyphenols, flavanols & catechins, can help lower LDL cholesterol which improves skin texture, reduces skin redness from sun exposure & increases skin hydration.
5. Berries- strawberries & blueberries both have anti-aging benefits, as they destroy senescent which is a biological ageing agent !