Skin Care Acids - Facts To know !

1. Categories of skin care acids – AHA, BHA, PHA & Azeliac.
2. AHAs are naturally derived acids made from sugar, milk & fruit. Glycolic acids are beneficial in anti ageing, exfoliating & breaking of pigmentation. Lactic & Mallic acid help in skin hydration.Mandalic acid – for inflammation & bacteria, used for Acne management.
3. BHAs -Salicylic acid – for redness, inflammation & treatment of open pores.
4. PHAs – Gluconolactone, Lactobionic Acid & Maltobionic Acid are known to be slower & safer than AHA.
5. Azeliac acid – derived from wheat, beneficial for pores & inflammation.
6. It is important to let your doctor decide on how to introduce the correct acid to your skin care.