The 4 Power Couples of Skin Care !

1. A must know secret of which ingredients work in tandem as power couples for stupendous results. 
2. Sunscreen & Vit C – Layer Vit C beneath the sunscreen. SPF is a must go skin care, approx 70% of aging is due to sun damage. Vit C, an excellent antioxidant can further compound the sun protection effect.
3. Vit C & Vit E – Vit C serums can oxidise easily & may irritate the skin. Clubbing it with Vit E helps it stabilise & reduce the irritation. Vit E too is an antioxidant & a fabulous moisturizer.
4. Retinol & Ceramides – Retinol the vitamin A derivative & an anti-aging ace, can irritate the skin. Clubbing it with ceramides hydrates & soothens the skin.
5. Hyaluronic acid & Ceramides moisturizer – Hyaluronic acid serums are excellent moisturizer, couple them with a top coat of ceramide moisturizer. It helps seal the moisture & multiplies the results !