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Dr Reema Arora, founder of the Face Clinic, an Skin Specialist in South Delhi, has been a national and international trainer in BOTOX® and Fillers for the past 16 years. She has worked with Allergan India Pvt Ltd. as Medical Head – Facial Aesthetics and has the credit of training over 2000 Dermatologists|Skin specialist and Plastic surgeons in the art of facial rejuvenation with injectables, before venturing into Face Clinic, which ranks as one of the best Aesthetics Clinic in South Delhi. Dr Reema Arora, a renowned skin specialist, Delhi, has single handedly revolutionized the use of Botox and dermal fillers in India with new innovations and focus on Indian faces. She has perfected the art of using Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma amongst other injectables to rejuvenate, enhance and treat the whole face including – facial asymmetries, defining various facial features like the nose, jaw, lips and resolving excessive sweating. Dr Reema Arora made the switch to cosmetic medicine in 2006 following her passion for Aesthetics. She has been trained in Australia, Korea and Singapore with acclaimed dermatologists/skin specialists and plastic surgeons. Dr Reema Arora is a medical graduate from St John’s Medical College Hospital and a postgraduate in Paediatrics. She went on to do her Masters in Aesthetic Medicine from London in Read More…

The 4 Power Couples of Skin Care !

1. A must know secret of which ingredients work in tandem as power couples for stupendous results.
2. Sunscreen & Vit C – Layer Vit C beneath the sunscreen. SPF is a must go skin care, approx 70% of aging is due to sun damage. Vit C, an excellent antioxidant can further compound the sun protection effect.
3. Vit C & Vit E – Vit C serums can oxidise easily & may irritate the skin. Clubbing it with Vit E helps it stabilise & reduce the irritation. Vit E too is an antioxidant & a fabulous moisturizer.
4. Retinol & Ceramides – Retinol the vitamin A derivative & an anti-aging ace, can irritate the skin. Clubbing it with ceramides hydrates & soothens the skin.
5. Hyaluronic acid & Ceramides moisturizer – Hyaluronic acid serums are excellent moisturizer, couple them with a top coat of ceramide moisturizer. It helps seal the moisture & multiplies the results !

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