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Laser Hair Removal in Delhi: Target Unwanted Hair with Comfort

What is Laser Hair Reduction ?

Laser Hair Removal in South Delhi technologies are specifically designed to target stubborn, unwanted hair, while ensuring the patient experience is as comfortable as possible. The pigment in the hair absorbs the energy delivered by the laser device. This energy retards the hair from the very root right down in the hair follicle. This in turn, stunts the hair growth, significantly reducing the hair in the treated area, in some cases removing it completely. The patient can just lie back and relax while a trained skin laser practitioner performs the treatment, importantly under a specialist expert supervision.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent ?

Permanent reduction is more appropriate phrase. This means that although Laser Hair Removal in South Delhi   with these devices will permanently reduce the total number of body hair, they will not result in a permanent removal of all hair. The specific claim granted is ‘intended to effect stable, long-term, or permanent reduction’ through selective targeting of melanin in hair follicles.

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How many sessions will I need, and how far apart can I have them ?

The frequency of sessions largely depends on skin type, hair type and density of hair. As a guideline, we suggest patients have 6-8 sessions, when treating the face, it is advisable that patients come to the clinic every 4-6 weeks, whereas body hair should be addressed every 6-8 weeks. Not only will consistent treatments provide better results in the long term, it will also allow for the hair to be treated in the best stage of growth.

Am I a suitable candidate ?

An expert Doctor will always do a full assessment along with a patch test, beforehand, to make sure you do not react to laser treatment. Hair density, colour and skin types are all factors taken into consideration when providing laser treatment. A full assessment is made on what parameters are used, what machine is used, with a realistic plan for the expected results. Ascertaining of the specific cause, if any, for excessive hair growth, is very important. There can be many reasons for the facial hair growth, sign of some underlying pathology in the body such as hormonal imbalance, can depend on individual genetic, familial and ethnic factors, can be connected to breakouts, spots or pimples, can result from taking certain medications, maybe due to some disease or adrenal gland disorders. Proceeding with the treatment, without identifying the reason, may make it a futile effort.

Laser treatment is not advisable for pregnant and breast-feeding females.

Can I wax ?

Waxing, plucking and electrolysis should be avoided for at least six weeks before the laser hair removal treatment. These hair removal techniques temporarily remove the root of the hair, which is an essential part of successful hair removal by laser. It is best to let the hair grow and shave it just prior to the treatment.

Do I need to shave beforehand ?

Any good aesthetic clinic in South Delhi  operating under an expert Doctor will get the shaving done neatly by trained skin practitioners, at the Clinic immediately before the procedure.

What precautions should I take ?

It is best to avoid sun exposure immediately before or after the treatment. Sunscreen with good SPF should be used, which not only helps protect the skin from sun damage and help age the skin better, but also acts as a barrier from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Will it hurt ?

With any Laser treatment in South Delhi  there will be a warm sensation during the treatment, depending on the pain threshold of the individual, most of the patients find it bearable to slightly uncomfortable, while others do not register any pain.

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